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    there is another, persistent thread and trend of American political and social history. namely, paranoia. there is a primer on this available and surely you read it for poly sci 101.

    no, of course these opponents are not national socialists, but since those darned nazis went including the "s" word, the door was opened for those armed with selective quotes & alarming conspiracy theories....that do, in fact, influence our poor citizenry with crackpot craziness.

    we can agree to be fastidious about our definitions, this will not stop cynically inspired Beck types from spinning nefarious tales of skullduggery......there is a good market for this, it is a proven historical fact. ignoring-pretending it does not flourish does not change anything.

  • I am not going to try to defend the policies. But, from the view of the WH I am sure they feel by giving the Teapots and the GOP their dream...they thereby embrace them on economics....if the economy improves Obama will benefit, and likely the GOP as well in many cases. If the economy struggles along, what will the right attack Obama on then? He can rightfully say...I gave you what you wanted, it is your policy.

    As far as the Democrats? Let the GOP nominate Palin, see how long it takes for the party regulars to return to the stable. It smacks of Clinton's triangulation, but Clinton never just showed up one day and sold out everything progressive in one fell swoop. An experienced and savvy politician would not do that....but one just did. Perhaps it will work. I hope the economy improves, even if it helps the dealmakers

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    he was being an advertising person doing research....interviews in the mall.....but now she seeths at the very mention of DeMint's name. I keep telling her she is wasting her time calling his office and complaining about his apparent goal of being a national force, meanwhile the state he supposedly represents stagnates, even more than the national norm. There are many of us in this area that despise the man, but we are outnumbered, and outgunned too for that matter.

    Given my yellow dog Democrat designation earned by legal and illegal methods, I am just suffering mightily here a few scant miles from Bob Jones University. I comfort myself with the knowledge there is a bookstore on a corner shopping strip center across the street from BJU, and it has a back room for purchasing porn dvd's.

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    it is ironic that DeMint first got into politics to support Bob Inglis, and now Inglis is more moderate and inclined towards sane politics, whereas his protege is drunk with the intoxication of politics, strange for a man who waxs so poetic against government.

    my wife once encountered DeMint doing shopper surveys in a shopping mall....so yes, he has an adverstising background, I suppose.

    it is difficult to witness this small man exerting any kind of influence on the US system of government. Chauncey Gardner is the only thing I can come up with....but its true, there is no there there....and this guy is a "leader"?

    I may have to dig up my back yard for a survival module, dear me, the end of times may have, in fact, arrived

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    of course hitler played the political game. he was an intuitive person who read and played others extremely well. yes, he did achieve leadership via the process of elections and parlimentary politics. this is not a revelation to anyone who has studied the period.

    madman? yes he was....anyone who is willing to bring his adopted nation down around his head in flames as he sits in his bunker...that certainly qualifies him for madman status, at least to me. but, that does not forestall the fact a madman can be clever and have some great skills. hitler was a magician when it came to details he had read, he could spout out specs for tanks, aircraft and ships that astounded those around him. he was, as noted, intuitive and could game those he came into contact with....well, usually, though when faced with a calm, consistent line from a stable person, he typically became disoriented.


    yes the reichstag did vote the enabling act....but the communist members were specifically barred from their seats and as you note, it was an armed camp. this is hardly politics, it was just the first note of tyranny and force being applied. yes, there were forces restraining the nazis early on, the church and the military being most notable. but the state of the economy, the deep hatred for the versailles treaty made too many in the nation susceptible to being lulled into thinking hitler could be contained, that he was just going to blow over.


    politician yes....madman...yes

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    and i too gagged whenever obama kept trying to align himself with transformational people like reagan, who certainly merited that moniker, but not for any reasons a good progressive would agree. you must know what you want to do, and truly believe in it, when you want transformation. darn near passed health care...well, with 60 votes in the senate and a huge congressional margin, i would darn well hope so. neither reagan or clinton had such margins. the floundering of the obama administration is becoming quite clear, and all the words of all the cool kids cannot transform a darn thing. they just keep believing in audacious change they were waiting for, well, we are still waiting. but, the cool kids are still cool.

  • i may fit into your category of low information voters....i am not exactly feeling betrayed, because i never had the utopian expectations of many of the obama cultists. the legislation cannot be faulted much due to obama's role, as i see precious little sign of any role he played other than to urge the leadership to cave to every demand of a few foot dragging senators.

    unless the jobs numbers begin to improve i would hold off on doing any celebratory obama rain dance due to outstanding achievement....this is not like winning the nobel peace prize or anything that random.

  • fogiv, if you read my comments as having given up on the president, you need to go back and read again. i dont have another alternative, the president is the president, i am pulling for him as hard as are his dyed in the wool, unable to utter one peep of constructive criticism supporters.

    to begin with, using reagan as a role model bothers me. yes, he was transformational, but not in a way any decent progressive could be contented with as a hope for positive change.

    i fully understand how long it took fdr to overcome the depression, in fact, if not for ww2 it might have taken longer, but that is another point.

    i note the reservations, the caveats, the excuses and spinning of what promise we were supposed to be looking for....but, really, do you not recall the audacity of hope?

    we are getting some change, how audacious is it really? please, dont insult my intelligence. i have been at this since 1964 when i supported lbj, i was there in 1968 supporting hhh....in the deep south where liberalism is a dangerous tag to wear, i was born at night, just not last night....and i am saying we were led to expect audacious change....please look the word audacious up and let me know if you think the health care/boon to the insurance industry or the climate change deals are audacious? if so, badly or in a good vein. things can be audaciously bad at times.

    please, i want my audacity of hope now.....after we have funded the bankers, insurance companies and major corporations....can we do something real for those of us voted for the candidate? those people are not his friends....but i am wondering, and waiting.

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    you are being somewhat selective in your assessment of the meetings. i would recommend the guardian uk...a decent authority, they have deemed a failure these meetings and any accords resulted therefrom.

    i hate to recall that during the campaign we were given every rhetorical reason to believe then senator obama was deadset against the iraqi war. now, i am sure he gave some important speeches for the council of foreign relations, but your average stump speech listener was mostly told emphatically and repeatedly he opposed the war in iraq and the citizens could only hope for some meaningful change. but we are still in iraq in the numbers of prior years......and we are ginning up the troop levels in afghanistan.....yes, i know the candidate did say we had overlooked that country off on a misguided effort in iraq....but do you think your average citizen, looking for the change he thought he was waiting for would be looking down the barrel of two significant ground wars at the same time along with prospective increases in costs for health care reform and for stimulating the economy and coming up with $100 billion a year for global warming. i am not sure that is what i would have gleaned from the past campaign.

    i freely admit to being a supporter of hillary. but i freely and happily voted for obama in 2008. i know he faces a landscape that is drastically different than what he may have anticipated. he did inherit an awful mess, thus my vote against bush and for obama. i could have just not voted, living in s.c. i know my vote was less than irrelevant..but so i did vote. i did have hopes. i am mostly...as tony soprano said to paulie in the last episode..."miffled" about some of the deference to high class bankers and companies too big to fail...no, its not exactly what i expected. i did not expect us to play hard ball with gmac in comparison to the bankers. that is not the change i would have ever looked for. i am open minded and have my future invested in our nation, i want and need our president to succeed. i understand the need for comity and compromise....half a loaf rather than the whole. but, truly...is that a real change?

    a change of style indeed. thoughtful consideration instead of gut hunches....that is a good change i wanted. but, a candidate is responsible for the emotions and expectations he leads his followers to have. you cannot quibble. he soared in his rhetoric for not just a little change, but big change. like fdr or reagan. it has not been anywhere near that yet. my state's unemployment rate went up to over 12% this week. honestly, from this angle, there have been some changes i appreciate, and defend fervently. but especially in a couple of areas i see our president making decisions that do not seem at odds with what i might expect from dubbya. sorry, that is my opinion, as humble and uninformed as it might be.

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    the debate about whether this killer was left or right can be extended to his hero, hitler, let us not forget the foul little austrian did name his party the national socialist party....and he took some from labor pleasing lefty policies intended to hold up the working man in germany to the highest in society, he also bought into the industrialists who financed his ascent and reign....really, hitler, and this guy were not left or right, they were both, an abomination and creature of its own description\

    there is a legitimate left and right, this guy belongs in neither, would not like either, really, just full of hate and blame on others for his own shortcomings

  • sorry, it was a bad joke, i did own up to that in the title, so, what is your point? is it not possible to make a ridiculous, inane comment, or is it that the truth is not really that far removed from my bad joke

    we had another rally here in greenville s.c. this past friday, it drew a crowd of thousands, and yes, i did scan the photos and film, and no, i did not see a black person, yet again.

    so, my observation that these mid day rallies are almost unfailingly caucasian in nature, and that assemblies of klan folk, they also tend to be mostly uniformly caucasian, and i made a crude comparison, but in reality, i am sad to report that a good many of my fellow citizens at these rallies are indeed inspired by racist, its no coincidence that these self same indignant patriots just festered and festered in their miseries, until, here we have a black president, shortly thereafter these rallies, attended by almost uniformly white people

    i am, by the way, a caucasian of 61 years, a close observer of the local right wing, bob jones university is only miles from my home, these folks are including some misled fellow travelers, but the nub for many is race, and it spurs gun sales and ammo sales, scoff if you wish, but a governor of texas speaks fondly of secession

    i live here, i am going to be going down the tubes when all these crazies take to the streets with their arsenal....and you are upset with my bad joke????? i have been upset about discrimination for longer than you have probably been alive, so give me and my bad joke a rest and a break...we senior citizens deverse better

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    living here in south carolina, perhaps one of the epicenters for the rash of rallies by mostly white people who have the spare time to spend waving flags, i can attest that the scary scenario of the bad old government taking their arms has once again ascended to the top of concerns of otherwise rational people.

    i am 61 grew up on a farm, have shot a rifle, held a revolver in my hands, i understand american history enough to know that guhs will persist, even as cockroaches, if mankind disappears from the planet, they are as american as apple pie.

    they feared bill clinton and janet reno were going to take their guns and did this same act, well, now they fear some black guy wants to take their guns, supersize that paranoia will you hon?

    i laugh at these folks with their false alarms, but, they do not see any humor, that is the scary thing, not to mention the fact they are well armed.....i have no weapons, but perhaps some measures of self defense are in order, thus, shall i add to the swell of gun and ammo purchasers?

    if you corner one of these gun buyers, they will remind you that one of the first things hitler did was to take guns from the germans, this to indicate their fear of a fuhrer....and 4-20 is the birthdate of one adolph hitler, so, i might be staying in doors on monday

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    i live in south carolina, and have the occasion to tune into the local right wing talk show, and i can assure you that the tea party attendees and the fire breathers and fire eaters, no, they will not be happy with sanford, his initial position got them locked in, now they see him as a traitor of rhe first order

    that being said its likey the poor governor could win a third term in south carolina, even if he is seen as a complete fool. better to vote for a murderer than to vote for a democrat in south carolina, the fine folks would hold their nose and vote for him anyway, we palmetto state folks are expert in lost causes.

    the right wing mocked the prior, democratic governor jim hodges, when he make noises about blocking the road to nuclear waste. hodges was ridiculed for a "stunt"

    i have concluded the right wing in our state exhalt a governor standing at the road to the state refusing money, but demean one who stood in the road to imported toxic waste from the rest of the nation.

    toxic waste si, money, no way....i have a problem with this set of values, but, hey, we are south carolinians, be careful or we will seize fort sumter again

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    i am back, the long absent dude that was for hillary way back when, so there is my bias, trying to be honest here, for all to see.

    given a great staff & some superb writers, jon stewart, or tim russert, god bless his soul, for example, its not that easy to rake some poor economic advisor smuck over the head.

    the problem is that the average american middle class of upper, mid and low range, they dont understand squat about which stocks to buy or how to invest....we are a nation of boobs in so many ways, why any difference here?

    cramer is like any economist i have ever seen, and i date myself back to 1967 or so, i attended a lecture by john k galbraith, even the best are only right a percentage of the time, to blame one shill like cramer for the disaster that befell us, then blame the average american, who, believe it or not, like cramers show, and he has been right about some things too. paul krugman is about as good as any, but even he is not perfect.

    so, beating up cramer and making ourselves feel good about beating somebody up over this mess, and we are too gutless to challenge the prior administration for their infamy, toss them into irons, and we are too gutless to regulate ourselves in out electing devious types to office, if you want to blame someone, blame the average american, somehow, we always get to pay these kind of taxes, when savings and loans bellied up in the 80's. until now, when the rest of the finanicial pillars are crumbling...

    i understand the need to inflict violence on someone for the mess, but cramer aint the guy who got us here, its time for president obama to exhibit some real guttural feeling for the absolute national abhorence to our elites, and somebody better do something soon, i feel an inpatience in the land, people are arming themselves to the teeth, i may have to purchase a glock myself, when they come for me, i want to be ready, and some of us oldtime agitators would be high on their list. i live in south carolina, that should tell you all you need to know, folks around here dont cotton to white people talking like this, or blacks, for that matter.

    a white "n" i have been there, done that, and in reading in recent days about the youth in europe from 1933 to the end of the war, even if you were not a jew, if you even sympathized with one, you were apt to disappear to a concentration camp, to be used as slaves during the war....so while i am white, i am not going to be far down the list, if and when they come.

    i know this is a bit over the top, but that we need jon s to make us "understand" this crap, when most of us dont understand crap about what the hell you are talking about, its disappointing obama has reacted so ham handedly on the aig mess, sending poor larry summers this sunday to say, sorry, we are unable to do anything, but we think its bad.

    he has improved, but this does not bode well, does not seem to come up to bill clintons standard of politics....bill, faults and all, had a pretty good ear for what made sense to the average joe citizen, talked to them as equals, and in a way to engender confidence...

    i voted for obama, i want him to succed, and its way too early to jump to conclusions, the economy may come back anyway, if so obama will easily win re-election, not unless bill ayers and michelle run off together.

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    you miaunderstand, i want obama to succeed, i need for him to do so. if i seemed selfish and quick to jump the gun, but financial crisis is what it is


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