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I was not born there; however, I am proud to declare, I was raised there.  I moved away decades ago; yet, my heart remains in Wisconsin. I marched in my first protest rallies on the streets of Milwaukee.  My family followed in the path of a strong civil rights leader, Father Groppi. I would be eighteen before the November general election was held; therefore, I was able to vote as a seventeen year old during Wisconsin primaries.  

My father was fortunate enough to work with a true humanitarian and advocate for the people, Wisconsinite, Senator Bill Proxmire. "Liberal"Senator Russ Feingold now, represents this fine state.  Please let us all forget that Joseph McCarthy ever resided here.

The anti-Viet Nam War movement was strong in Wisconsin. Ah, I remember it well.  Though many may argue the point, and it does seem to be cyclical, in my mind, Wisconsin is a progressive state.

On this past Tuesday, the citizens of this state, once again proved that they are forward-thinking.  I applaud the people of Wisconsin for their most recent vote.  In thirty-two communities, "Bring The Troops Home Now" referendums were on the April 4, 2006 ballot.  

In twenty-four of these expansive neighborhoods, the vote was yes, bring our boys and girls home immediately.  The numbers reflect a great concern, "A resounding 40,043 to 25,641 voted against the continued US occupation of Iraq." Calculating these numbers leads us to conclude, 61 percent of Wisconsin voters want no war.  Only 39 percent believe we should remain.  In my own former hometown, the village of Shorewood, seventy percent said pullout now.

In eight communities, the initiative was defeated; however, "in only two" of these locales did "the vote for immediate withdrawal fall below 45 percent."

What is left to say?  [Right-] on Wisconsin!

Betsy L. Angert Be-Think

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Re: On Point Wisconsin.

I take a hesitancy on this, wasn't this the same Wisconsin voters, who waited until the final week of the 2004 campaign to support John Kerry?

by mleflo2 2006-04-06 01:34PM | 0 recs
Re: On Point Wisconsin

As I sadly said, the wave is cyclical.

I hate to admit that an earlier graduate of my High School, you may know him, Chief Justice William Rehnquist appointed George W. Bush to his first term.  Alternatively, may I more properly state, Rehnquist anointed him King George II.

It is the giving that makes us what [who] we are. - Ian Anderson. Jethro Tull
. . . Betsy

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