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The essence of this prologue, while subtlety mentioned in the content, needs to be specified in the foreword. I was reminded of this by a glorious woman from China, A, who commented below. [See] She helped me to acknowledge what I truly believe and deeply know. Anyone that feels forced to think, say, do, feel, or be as another deems best, may follow the lead; however, ultimately, they will resent, rebel, and reject their own choices. This preface may be an example of this. May I clarify and expand this expose´ by saying . . .We all, worldwide, must be free to choose.
We may willingly oblige by some standards, those that bring us a sense of safety or stability. We are likely to abide by regulations that we think “sensible.” For instance, we will “choose” to pause at a stop sign, or at least I thought so until I moved to Florida. We may wear seatbelts. Yet, even these actions are often not executed. Those that consider them beneficial will practice these conventions. Nevertheless, all people, everywhere, do want the freedom to choose. Humans want to move freely, to be “who” they truly are within, and to better their lives. Governments can suggest. Nevertheless, people decide. I reluctantly wrote this proposal after feeling amply forced to gratify a friend, to conform, to present a point-by-point solution to the immigration situation. Days of “discussion” preceded this. I was unable to make myself clear. Thus, I offered an agenda. For me, as an educator, I long ago experienced that when plans are followed in depth and detail they are prohibitive. The imposed practical often restricts productivity, creativity, and true understanding. I believe as children, parents, and individuals, we know this; we feel it, instinctively. I wish to state, that these specifics are not etched in stone and can only be effective when power returns to the people, the common-folk . . . you, and me. What happens is of our making. We can choose to work together in peace, to grow prosperity, or we can continue as we have for centuries. We can war, rage, rant, resent, and impose ridiculous regulations, those that do not add to the quality of life for all. We can defend and protect our borders. Offensive actions seem to dominate this debate. Authoritarian rule can continue, or we can work together for the common good. Ultimately, what happens or does not is our choice.ProposalSuch silliness, we as a society are focusing on the symptom.  We are ignoring the real problem and proposing plans that address the affects of the illness.  Immigration is not the actual issue; equality is.  If there were an equal distribution of wealth, resources, people, and benefits, there would be no mass migration to prosperous places. People would be where there want to be, at home, with friends, families, and familiars.  If all were equal, movement would be fluid and people would be happily productive.  They would be paid fairly, no matter their race, religion, education, or ethnicity. People are pouncing on me, for I find fault with the proposals they present, and I do.  I forever have difficulty with shortsightedness.  Build a wall, and tell us, the people in the USA, no one will scale the portico.  Raise a fence, and believe that it is impenetrable.  Place guards at every station, and think that will solve the problem, such as it is.  It has not yet.  Tell the constituents that tariffs will work or employer sanctions will settle the situation.  Then, look at what is, was, and how these have affected the circumstance.I believe that we as a civilization must be honest with ourselves.  We must recognize that we live in a world.  America is no more than a wave in a massive ocean.  As long as we pretend to have a plan, and use the same mindset to solve the problem that we had when it began, nothing will change.  Physicist, Albert Einstein realized this as did Social Scientist, Abraham Maslow.We cannot solve our problems with the same mind that created them. - Albert EinsteinIf you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail. -Abraham MaslowThus, I will share what may not be the conventionally accepted approach; however, I think it may be more successful. When I assess where "practical strategies" have brought us [USA], I think it is time to consider other options.First, I think that we as nations must agree that this "problem" is an opportunity.  It is not a crisis; it is instead, a calling to consciousness.  We are a world and we must be united.  Competition as it is practiced is counterproductive; we must join in a common cause.Second, we must agree to set standards that will benefit us all. The people, places, and productivity in every country must be our shared priority.Specifics need to be outlined and mutually attended to . . . * Wages must be equivalent in all plants and businesses, globally.If an American industry travels abroad, seeking a greater labor force, they must pay and provide comparable benefits.  Those working in offices here in the USA need to earn and receive as employees do in other countries.* Businesses must place ethics above profits.If sanctions are agreed upon and imposed by governments, in unison, then industries must "choose" to honor these.* Salaries must not be desperate, be they those of management or labor. The proportions between worker and top management compensation needs to be a five to one ratio.• Labor Laws must be uniform and enforced.• Sensitivity to the environment must be a standard.This is only a foundation, an opening, or an introduction.  I invite you to offer additional suggestions, to further the process.  My hope is that you too will concur; what we have done and are doing is not working.  Current proposals differ little from the formulas of the past. I ask that we work together,globally, and create the village that, physically, already exists.  Please let us no longer look at ourselves as a separate entity.  Lets us brainstorm and begin as one.You might revel in references . . . 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