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All the talk of Catastrophe Funds seems silly to me; the reasoning is apt.  I think there are better sources for these subsidies than the government. In my mind, our efforts are misplaced.  

It is true; we as a nation and as a world have seen an increase in the number and intensity of cataclysmic storms. Tornados, droughts, hurricanes and other recent disasters have caused great calamity.  We are mired in misfortune. However, we are working to pay for what we caused.  We are closing the barn door behind us; our prides and joys are all long gone.  We now, belatedly, prepare for what was our own ignorance.  We elected George W. Bush, twice.

Well actually, in 2000, Former Chief Justice William Rehnquist appointed or anointed this sly desperado.  It was 36 days after his first Presidential run that George W. Bush was selected as our President. 

See what the true winner, by many counts, is now doing. Al Gore presents his concern.

Nevertheless, four years later, we as a people essentially elected this twit. What were we thinking, or more accurately, what were those that voted for him thinking?  Many admittedly envisioned GW as the great protector.  He sheltered us [US] from terrorists. However, no radical fanatic did more damage than he.  Bush battered this nation and our Earth. He did so under the guise of a compassionate conservative.  I myself prefer a caring individual, one that conserves.

However, supporters of this scoundrel did not.  They knew that this unethical Emperor had worked to destroy our environment. Immediately after his initial inauguration, King George II changed our environmental standards.  He chose to lessen the ecologically sound restrictions that had been previously placed on the books.  The Blundering Bush allowed for more arsenic in water.

Then and now, Gas Guzzling GW refuses to admit that burning coal is a problem.  He encourages it.  Bush belies the belief that cars using Chevron with Techron have served to increase temperatures worldwide.  He says that he wants to reduce this nations addiction to fossil fuels. Why, if it does not harm? Perhaps, he, his family, and familiars are planning to invest in renewable energy.  It is possible, though I find the theory questionable.  Actions do speak louder than words.  

If we consider the emission regulations Bush supports, we know his true desires.  Sports Utility Vehicle owners receive tax breaks under Bush.  A Republican Congress and the King allow these "small trucks" to emit toxic gases.  Recent changes in the laws that govern these monstrosities do little to better our surroundings.

Baby George Bush believes or pretends to that natural causes are the reason we have had 19 of the 20 hottest years since 1980.  This man or monster takes no personal responsibility. However, those of us that care and have watched the climate change wonder.

We Americans, those that never marked our ballots for this buffoon, note the irrefutable connections.  We acknowledge that this administration is not only friendly toward oil interests. They are these.  George W. Bush and his majestic dynasty made their money by investing in petroleum. They still do, as do their friends.  

Moguls and magnates from these flourishing fuel-pumping conglomerates were America's energy commission.  Scientists were banned.  These industrialists and entrepreneurs created what now is policy. They have generated storms of infinite proportion.  Global warming is their legacy; yet, they are unwilling to pay for it and we, the people, do not ask them to.  We again, chose to mistakenly let this administration be.

State governments are struggling to break even.  Insurance companies are refusing to issue policies for weather-related tragedies.  >People, ah the people.   Those that are directly affected by decisions of the Bush Band are barely surviving. Still, we speak of Catastrophe Funds. The public is relying on its own taxes to pay for the damage that nature and we did not create.

Why are we not asking those that caused this ruin to pay?   They have Billions.  The price of their pleasure increases as the common folks suffer.  Is this the "justice" George W. speaks of?  

If we are to authentically spread democracy, might we not begin at home?  Here in the USA, let us adopt laws that protect and provide for all equally.  Let us no longer supplement the suffering imposed by a self-serving administration.  If we were to pass and enforce regulations that ended global warming, if we demanded repayment for the damage caused by a corrupt Cabinet, imagine what a world this would be.

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Betsy L. Angert Be-Think

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