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    I just heard this morning that Big Dog is in Texas to campaign for Bell. I'm pleasantly surprised!

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    Darcy Burner got (more of) my money today. Althought I'm a bona-fide Apple Zealot (and yes, I'll admit it - a Microsoft Hater), it would be absolutely wonderful to have a Democrat in Congress who actually understands a few things about our internet tubes.

    It's not a damn truck, you know!

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    I simply cannot believe the ridiculous statements being made here masquerading as somehow "relevant" and "sane."

    As someone who is 99% lurker on DailyKos, MyDD, FDL, Eschaton, BooMan Tribune, Hullaballo and Crooks and Liars, I do not know any of the featured posters as anything but a pseudonym. Until a few days ago I didn't know if the people I read were green, black, red, blue or otherwise. In many cases I didn't know if they were male or female.

    Suddenly, the folks who I've read and agreed with (and often disagreed with) are under attack because they lack the proper pigmentation in proper quantities.

    This is insanity. First of all, how can one even know if this event's organizers knew the makeup of who he was inviting? And even if they did, how does one know that everyone invited showed up? Furthermore, how presumptive does one have to be to ASSUME they know the heritage of someone in this photo? Is the skin of the half-hispanics not dark enough? Shame on you!

    I have an idea. Let's bring back the circular firing squad! Let's destroy those who care about and fight for our our common cause. I say let vanity and jealousy reign! These obviously white and obviously privileged people are clearly at fault here.

    But those who would say so are clearly mistaken. If one were to look at me, at this moment, one would see a middle-aged, white man with a corporate job. In other words - the enemy. However, that would not tell the tale of my Native American blood, nor of my family's struggle through poverty. I may appear - like those in this photo - to be white and privileged, but are any of you truly so omniscient as to know me? Absolutely not. And I say the same for everyone pictured.

    The opportunism and self-promotion advanced by way of the "white bloggers only invited to Clinton meeting" scandal is shameful and transparent. And those pursuing this line will be remembered.

    Much like the United States itself, our Progressive cause can never be destroyed from without - only from within. I urge the self-promoters and "concerned" observers to consider this, as the rest of us march past you.

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    Windows Media!? (and only Windows Media)

    You've got to be kidding me.

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    Chris smokes American Spirits and his pal drinks Guinness! My kinda folks.

    (P.S. Kids, smoking is bad, m'kay?)

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    Don't forget the little throw-away line about Markos getting a shiny new flat screen TV...implying he's just out to make a buck.

    Disgusting. This piece was filled with lies, half-truths, omissions and presumptions. They either can't or won't see blog-powered politics for what it is, and I'm sick of it. How many times do we have to say that beating Lieberman in the primary is NOT about Iraq?

    And yeah, the photo of the "angry left" was particularly hackish. Way to reinforce that lazy stereotype, guys.

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    Wow. I really have to wonder what's going on here at MyDD.

    We get this yesterday:

    "I wish more of you would consider commenting, and I'm going to think hard about how to make it more pleasant for you to participate online..."

    Then today we get this:

    " Given this, I just want to make one thing clear to some people who do not view MyDD as a place for thoughtful, strategic appreciation of the progressive movement: your days are numbered. Do not consider MyDD a place to work out your frustrations that you cannot work out elsewhere. Do not consider MyDD a place for random, open discussion of the latest news and current events. Do not consider MyDD to be a message board for total progressive purity. MyDD is, ultimately, a place for people who are serious about politics to congregate. It is a place where serious discussion and debate on how to fix the horrifically dysfunctional progressive movement."

    Kinda working against each other, eh? I mean, it would be wonderful if everyone here was an "expert," and wrote well-constructed words of critique and support, but...you know...reality. You can't ask readers to comment more while simultaneously giving them rather strict guidelines for posting. And threats don't make it "more pleasant" for me, to be sure.

    I personally don't comment much, and I don't think I've ever used this as a "place to work out [my] frustrations" or "for random, open discussion of the latest news and current events." Historically my views have fallen firmly on the side of the writers here, as they've historically been brilliant, so I mostly post a comment when I strongly disagree with what's been said.

    But taking this "comment more, but only the right way," the ridiculous post on Jon Stewart, and what I saw as a "Monday Morning Quarterbacking" of Francine Busby into consideration, I really have to wonder what's going on here. And truly, that bums me out. MyDD and DKos were the first lefty blogs I really read regularly and felt at home at. I credit them with making me a better informed person and rekindling my interest in politics.

    I know that a lot of the lefty blogs are going through some growing pains, but I really don't like the tone of this post. As someone else said, my first reaction was to delete the bookmark. This (and Matt's recent posts) really seem out of character for this group that I have admired and followed over the last few years.

    Maybe my "days are numbered" indeed.

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    He's trying to be funny (and usually succeeds). That's his job. He's not there to read our talking points. We should be thankful he's on our side.

  • I'm terrible with subjunctive mood. Like I said, this is informal, and I appreciate that. Believe me, I have a hard time just dashing off a quick comment. I tend to proof it over and over...

    Too often, I find myself using passive voice as well. ;)

    I just think the biggies - especially in a headline - make the site look amateur. We, the netroots, are for real.

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    Matt, I know you're tired and blogging from the airport, but you really should try to at least get the headline right.

    I have no desire to be a Grammar Nazi. That's no fun. I'm a writer/editor by trade, so I catch a lot of mistakes - certainly in my own writing - and I don't bring it up, because this is an informal stage.

    But language matters. Accuracy matters. If this was the first glaring mistake I'd seen in a headline here, I would keep my mouth shut, but it isn't. It just sends a lousy message when a piece is riddled with typos. Even worse when it begins with one. I consider MyDD to be one of the "Heavyweights" of the lefty blogoshpere. But heavyweights need to have certain standards.

    I'm not criticising this mistake necessarily, but the poor editing in general on MyDD. And of course, you only criticise the ones you care about, right?

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    Let us know what we can do to help. When I read MyDD, DKos, etc., I'm usually feeling pretty left out, being a blue speck in the Red Texas Sea. But Arlington's just a stone's throw from me (Dallas). Here's something I can impact directly.

    I hope you'll keep us upt-to-date (email list?)

  • ...then I'll sit back and listen here and on the corresponding DKos thread.

    Maybe this District liked "Duke," minus the corruption.

    They did elect and re-elect him. Maybe they just wanted him without the bribery. That sounds about like what they're gtting with Bilbray.

    Forest? What forest?

  • Look, I'm not accusing anyone of anything - just trying to sort this out. But I sense a bait and switch from the people I've learned to trust (MyDD and DKos crowd), and I don't like it.

    MyDD and DKos may not have explicitly endorsed Busby, but I heard a lot about her, and it certainly wasn't from traditional media.

    If folks on MyDD and DKos (my two main blog reads along with FDL) thought she was a DLC toadie, I would hope I would've heard that before the election. I didn't.

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    Castrophile is right. It's a standard iPod (don't know if its 30 or 60Gb) with an American Flag decal on it. Can't recall where I saw it, but I did.  I really did.

    Ah...here you go:

    (You have to watch the flash ad. I particularly like how Step 3, "Earn Earn Your Special Edition iPod Video*" has an asterisk that goes nowhere. In other words, "there are some legal thingees, but we don't know what they are."

    Or here:
    http://www.savethegop.com/archives/2006/ 05/11/get-your-gop-ipod/

    Oh wait - here's where I first saw it, on Gizmodo:
    http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/portable- media/republican-ipod-173030.php

    Also, didn't they care that Al Gore is on the Board of Directors at Apple?

    Also, I remember back in the 90s, Rush Limbaugh was a big Apple supporter. Talked about them on his show all the time. I wonder if he is still.

  • The Netroots certainly has been a big part of this fight, but this issue has been all over the "geekroots," i.e. Slashdot, Digg, etc. I think they had something to do with this as well.


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