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    with a name like "Pawlenty". Although the Democrats may easily end up with a person from a Republican state, with the name "Sabelius".

    Democrats are afraid to even mention the potential McCain running mate who would send the Obama team into cardiac arrest: Colin Powell.

    And before you can even say, "Iraq", guess what? The people don't care about it anymore. In opinion surveys, it usually ranks 4th or 5th when voters are asked to rank their concerns.

    Somehow, I think the comparison between Colin Powell--trustworthy, record of accomplishment, and a chest full of medals--and Barack Obama, is one that Howard Dean doesn't even want to think about. If he did, he would let out a primal scream....

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    Nobody should be assaulting John McCain's wife, especially when you look at that creature Obama drags around--"Michelle". Once the 527's run a few spots with her comments that "America is a mean country", and that she's never been proud of her country before, people will see her for the liabilty that she is.

    Suffice it to say that Obama and his minions--Rev.Wright, "Michelle", Pfleger, and Bill Ayers--are dividing this country more than anybody since Richard Nixon.

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    Jim Carville's wife is Mary Matalin. You must be confused.

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    on last night's "NewsHour" on PBS. Check it out. Although, I'm sure he'll now be declared "personna non grata" in Obama-land.

    For the few objective people still remaining out there, take a listen. I voted for HRC in our state's primary, as the lesser of two evils; during that time, I often listened to Shields lambast the Clintons. When he did, they usually had it coming.

    So some of the media are indeed turning on McCain...but some others may be turning on Obama. And when it's someone of Shields' stature, it's probably worth considering.

  • than will the original "Obam-orons" if the current trend continues. The loony left is already screaming about his wuss-ing out on FISA. As well as his backtracking on NAFTA. And telling CNBC's John Harwood that he may just have to defer tax increases. And campaign finance/evil of money in politics, and..........

    Friends of mine who supported Obama in the primaries are squealing like a bunch of scalded chimps. The pragmatists--who by and large supported Hillary--are trying to tell them that this is just politics. Now that Barack has to get down to specifics (I know, details are so boring; much more fun to just talk about hope), his followers will be sorely disappointed.

    As to the Solis-Doyle thing, I agree that the Clinton folks are pissed, and they have a right to be. But if you really want to see Armageddon, imagine if this idea that got floated yesterday (Chuck Hagel) ever becomes reality. Trust me, easily a third of Clinton voters will go fishing on election day should that happen.

    Bottom line, Barack is right where we want him: if he caves and chooses Hillary, he will look like the wuss that he is. If he doesn't--and especially now after the Solis Doyle dustup--the Clintonistas will flock in droves to McCain. I believe that's what we call a "no-win".

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    to do "favors" for Barack Obama??? Such a noble calling.

    What are you worried about? He'll probably just vote "present"

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    proposed tax increases (e.g. Cap Gains, highest bracket income) in an interview with John Harwood last week on CNBC. Said it would depend on "circumstances" at the time he would supposedly take office.

    Please...someone tell me....

    Has this guy every committed to ANYTHING? At ANY point in the primaries? I don't think so.

    If you don't believe me, try reading one of his "books". Half the paragraphs start with "on the one hand"....the other half begin, "on the other hand". Not only a legislative genius, but a literary ace as well....

  • Barack told John Harwood of CNBC last week that "depending on circumstances", he would be willing to defer some of the tax increases he proposed during the primaries, should he be elected. Couldn't help noticing the shiny flag lapel pin he wore during the interview.

    Anyone ever see the movie "The Candidate", with Robert Redford?

  • Hillary Clinton is supporting Obama....I may come to an entirely different decision on how I vote.

    This idea the Obam-orons have--of people following their candidate in lockstep--is just further evidence that they aren't used to thinking as individuals, and they sure as hell haven't thought through issues.

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    These people want to win, and are subtly shedding their "messenger of change" schtik. In an interview with John Harwood of CNBC last week, Obama stated that he might be willing to defer his tax increases on Capital Gains, etc. Look for a steady and continued tack toward the center.

    Next will be some waffling on the timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. Just another politician... and "Michelle" will turn into Betty Crocker in no time. Look for her favorite cookie recipes to surface before long....probably during something substantial like an "Oprah" session.

    The final irony of this long miserable campaign will be that as this happens, the centrists (pragmatists) will stand by Obama, as they have known all along that he is just another politician, probably marginally better than McCain. The "Obam-orons", who actually bought into all this bs, will be the first to turn on him, like flies on shit.

  • you apparently have no idea what's in store.

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    when we have a powerhouse like Harry Ried at work.

  • Which is why he's only running 49-46% against a tired (and somewhat confused) old man.


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