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    Not directly related to the situation in VA that you outline, but I've been so anxious for some good news lately I've got to pass it on. A PPP poll out today shows that Christine O'Donnell now leads Mike Castle, 47-44%. If this ethically challenged moron manages to win tomorrow, there's a seat previously counted as an R pickup that will stay Democratic. Kind of like the East Coast version of Sharron Angle vs. Harry Reid.


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    Don't know if you've read any of Stan Weinstien's stuff, but using his system, Obama is a Stage 4 stock, i.e., a broken stock. These stocks often start out as explosive growth companies, climb extremely rapidly (e.g., RIM), become an extremely crowded trade as everyone in the market just falls in love with them, and then start to fall when traders' lofty expectations aren't met. Once the downward spiral crosses critical levels (in politics, that might be, say, a 40% approval rating ), they are done, and they never head back up, barring an extraordinary event, like a takeover bid.

    Can't see what Obama's extraordinary event is going to be, but he'd better start praying.


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    Actually, it is a lyric---exactly as the Prez phrased it---from an old Jimi Hendrix song. Maybe he's a fan.....now that's two things (we also share a birthday) that he and I have in common.


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    Grant it, it's an arbitrary marker; but every President in recent history has received an initial approval rating by Gallup and other pollsters. It makes for an easy, apples-to-apples comparison between Obama and other Presidents.


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    Gallup pegged Obama's approval rating on 1/21/2009 at 69%. The most recent Gallup/USA Today approval rating for the incredible shrinking President is at 43%. Maybe we should get a pool going on what day this year he goes into the 30's.

    Eventually, these clowns will have to come up with a narrative for the near 30-point drop in Obama's popularity. I expect it will go something like this: you see, a huge number of voters in that 69% turned into racists during the last two years, and the ugly feelings they now harbor toward the President is the reason for the precipitous drop in his approval ratings.

    The only other explanation they'll try to pedal is that it was caused by George W. Bush.


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    Wow, you're back? Someone must be lifting up rocks around here. Why don't you crawl back in your hole, before someone drops a house on you.


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    Hillary is already off the reservation; yesterday she stated that Obama's debt load is a threat to our National Security:


    She is going rogue, and like everyone else who's getting off this sinking ship (Orszag, Romer, Emmanuel) will probably leave after the first the year to begin fund raising.

    Poor Obama---such is the life of an incredible shrinking President.


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    As to "unfortunate facts", your facts are not only unfortunate, they're incorrect....which I guess means that they're not facts. Only one poll, CNN/Opinion Research, has Obama at 50%. The most recent RCP average on Presidential Approval is at 45.1% approval, 50.3 disapproval; read it and weep:


    In fact, the CNN poll is an outlier; USA Today Gallup is at 43%, and Ras has him at 41%---a record low. The highest of any other poll in the survey is 46%.

    Next time you start quoting "polls", get it right. And cut with the bs about how we're all having a pity party. I and others here at myDD had Obama pegged as a world class loser before the first vote was cast in the Iowa caucuses. We're feeling vindicated----which has nothing to do with whining or self-pity.


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    Holding Obama accountable for his many failures is not whining. It's the first step toward recovery, which means getting rid of him.

    You liberals---especially the crowd at Kos, since you bring it up---are the ones who are wallowing in pity. "Leave poor little Barack alone; it's not his fault! That meanie, George W. Bush is to blame...." That song is getting real tired. It's time for Obama to man up and stand on his own two feet.

    Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose your job. And recovery is when Barack Obama loses his job, and goes back to his true profession, being a community agitator.


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    Liberals like you have gotten to be fairly predictable; you always end up playing the race card to protect this President:

    "Mr. Ken Starr to see the President". At that point he might know how a runaway slave felt in 1850. The GOP sees him as such.

    Let Obama stand on his own two feet; stop using race to let him off the hook for his failures. Why would you suggest that the Republicans see him as "a runaway slave"?

    The Clintons also endured harsh attacks from the right: remember when they lost their dear friend, Vince Foster? There were cruel insinuations from people who suggested that the Clintons had him killed. Were the attacks on the Clintons about racism, too?


  • it's that these nattering nabobs often seem to dislike our country. The real problem is that a small intellectual elite here really hate America, and fail to realize that we need to preserve this, the last best hope of man on earth. Well I don't know about you, but they don't speak for the rest of us.


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    Aside from the fact that the President's whining during the speech was ungrammatical, it was disgusting in its self pity. Americans don't like to hear whining from their Presidents; they want to hear strength, self-confidence, and optimism.


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    After starting a multi-billion dollar financial empire, it's no coincidence that his first foray into politics was in a Chief Executive role. I don't see him as a legislator and/or VP, and probably not in the Cabinet. Maybe as Sec'y of Treasury, but nothing else.

    Biden has been a court jester, albeit a loyal one. Nobody really takes him seriously, especially after his being Ambassador for the Recovery Summer. He's basically a decent man, and doesn't deserve to end his career this way.

    If Obama insists on continuing come 2012, he probably should pick Hillary. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.....


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    Try sticking to substance.

    If the great Milwaukee address contained anything really noteworthy, I'm sure the diarists here would cover it.


  • Obama is extremely unpopular in WV---I mean, more so than in the rest of the country. Raese's strategy will focus on tying Manchin to Obama, and it may well work.

    There may also be some parallels here with the Scott Brown election......a seat held for damn near eternity by a legendary politician, and so the voters are ready for someone entirely different----where "different" will include the other party.

    And finally, voters are often not receptive to a sitting governnor trying to promote himself to the United States Senate. While this dynamic has appeared most often in cases of Governors actually appointing themselves to a Senate seat (e.g., Wendell Anderson, et al.), I wouldn't be suprised to see Raese pull this one off.



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