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    If George Bush had promised that unemployment would not surpass 8%, only to have it surge to 10.2% later that same year, would we not be pronouncing his economic program a complete and utter failure?


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    And I can't resist adding one:

    If George Bush had admitted---55 days into the worst oil spill in our lifetimes---that he had never spoken to the CEO of the offending energy company, wouldn't you wonder about his sense of priorities? And his ability to communicate with leaders from the private sector?


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    I don't know what planet you're living on, because the election here is only two weeks away. And Obama is leading the Democrats to their biggest shellacking since 1994. Most people here believe that's a bad thing, but if you disagree, well, have at it.

    The problem with your line of thinking is that it's focused mostly on inside baseball. For example, most people across the country don't know who Mark Sanford is, and frankly, they don't care. But they do feel that Obama and Pelosi have defied their wishes by passing legislation that is poorly crafted, poorly executed, and worst of all, ignores the economy. Obama and Pelosi both promised that their #1 priority would be "jobs, jobs, jobs!", and then busied themselves with their own pet projects like health care and Cap & Trade. In the meantime, unemployment soared from 7.8% to 9.6%, with the real rate surpassing 16%. And believe me, when Pelosi announced that they would have to "pass the health care bill in order to find out what was in it", the voters were not amused.

    Twice before in recent history---1980 and 1994---the Reagan Democrats realized that the Democratic party was "showing arrogance", to use Barry's words. And again this year, they believe that this Democratic party really doesn't care about their needs and concerns:


    Suffice it to say that the year in review doesn't look good for the Democratic party leadership, and the election doesn't look good for our candidates.


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    so that losers like Main Street quit posting inane comments to their own diaries. I mean, it's like this poor fool is talking to himself.

    Obviously, it means a lot to him to get his diary over to "Most Popular".....so immediately after his little article goes up, he posts four comments to it. I'll go out on a limb and predict that you'll see several more comments as the struggles to keep this brilliant commentary before the eyes of MyDD readers.

    If it was a worthwhile diary maybe it wouldn't be so annoying.....but unfortunately, it's just the same tired garbage he's been posting for months. Frankly, I'd rather see one of the ads for "replica watches" on the most popular list than this junk from Main Street. 


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    because Obama and Pelosi have already tried it....and it hasn't worked. It's the old class warfare crap, and people aren't buying it this cycle. How many times in the last few weeks have you heard Obama rail against "giving tax breaks to billionaires!" It simply makes him sound ignorant. Especially in places like NYC, households with an income of $250,000 are, more often than not, not billionaires (or even millionaires.) Worse yet, he usually ties this type of attack in with a slam on John Boehner, who is a stranger to the average American voter.

    Polls show that by an average of 50-35%, voters trust the GOP more on issues relating to taxes. To try to fight the midterm elections on this "message" is simply playing on the Republicans' turf. Right now, voters want to hear how this President and this Congress are going to provide JOBS. Babbling about all this class warfare garbage will simply look like Dems are trying to change the subject.


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    This week, Mr. Obama compared the struggle of slaves who waited centuries to be freed with the struggle today of those who are waiting for his failed economic policies to work. This is not only illogical, but it's insulting to the memory of people who lived through one of the epic, defining struggles in our nation's history....and insensitive to the +15% "real unemployed" who have been left behind by his failed economic policies.

    This kind of hyperbole on Obama's part is one of the reasons fewer and fewer people are taking him seriously. At the worst, I think it reveals delusions of grandeur on his part, and possibly a very serious mental disorder. And at best, it is a pitiful display by a failing President, begging people ("stick with me!") to stay the course.

    Like many others in the Democratic Party, I just want this President to go away. History will be kind to Obama; it will forget him.


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    Bond demand has been so strong that most economists and market analysts fear a "bond bubble". High prices, low yields have led to a flattening of the yield curve......there just wouldn't be any point to the Fed stepping in to buy more. Should we have a weak Treasury auction, that might change, but few people envision that happening.

    Most of the debate on Obama's failed economy focuses on fiscal policy, not monetary. Economists on the left (Krugman et al.) feel that Obama should have had a larger stimulus; those on the right favor more tax cuts, and a more aggressive export policy (in other words, pass the free trade agreements!)

    But honestly, I haven't heard any economists of note--on the right or the left---suggest that what was needed was an even more aggressive monetary policy from Bernanke and the Fed. The one we have is one of the most aggressive in history.


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    Bernanke had already taken the Fed Funds rate to 0% by the time Obama took office...what further would you suggest he have done? The Fed had no bullets left during the period you describe.

    Obama's hostility to the private sector, as well as his misguided fiscal policy, have more to do with the rising unemployment rate than anything the Fed could have done.


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    So that's what it has come to for your Obam-orons: bizarre hypotheticals that we all know aren't going to happen. Pathetic; you people are really getting delusional.

    The incredible shrinking President is a pitiful figure, a man who derided his opponents in 2008 as "racists", and still plays the race card whenever it suits him. In a speech just this week, he compared the wait for his failed economic programs to work to the long, heroic struggle two centuries ago to end slavery. Obviously Obama is a very sick man, a man who has no shame.

    I fear for the future of our great country. And I pray that the Clintons will rescue us in 2012, to bring the country back from the damage done by this impostor to the Presidency.


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    So you think Obama's 9.6% unemployment is a good thing???

    For point of reference, when George W. Bush left us, unemployment was at 7.7%. While Obama has been fiddling, the country has burned.


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    I did a double take at one of your comments:

    "All the whining about the economy is for losers"

    There are roughly 15 million Americans out there who have been left behind in Obama's "recovery summer". Some are unemployed, some are under-employed, and some have just plain given up.....but I guess you and the rest of the Obam-orons see them as "losers". Or as Joe Biden suggested, as a bunch of "whiners"....obviously, you've been listening to the bumbling Vice-President a little too much, as you're using his unfortunate buzz words.

    As you suggested in one of your previous comments, things are going swell for you, and so you're pretty self-satisfied right now. But the Democratic party I grew up in went beyond self-interest, and cared about those who were left behind, and the less fortunate. Obviously, those people are of little concern to the Obama wing of the Democratic party.


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    Rasmussen reports this AM that the number of self-identified Democrats is now at a record low, for the 2nd straight month:


    The Democratic party cannot stand much more of the damage that Obama is inflicting upon us. We will be losing decent people like Russ Feingold and others because of this man's incompetence.


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    I wish I could share your optimism; but there is no evidence---empirical or otherwise---to warrant it. Hell, wait until the September unemployment numbers come out next Friday (10/7). This is only going to get worse.


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    At this point, Obama needs to stay off the campaign trail; he is just making a bad situation worse. He went to Wisconsin earlier this week, and now Feingold is 12 points behind Ron Johnson, the widest margin of the race so far (see my comment below).

    At this point, people are outraged about the job picture and a weakening economy that this President chose to ignore. Obama just needs to make himself scarce and go away.


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    The RCP average has it at +9.6, advantage Johnson:


    The closest of the three polls sampled is CNN/Time, which has it at +6, Johnson. PPP isn't very encouraging either, I'm afraid.

    Want some more?



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