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    I found it strange that Mayor Castro brought up the supposed "war on women" during his speech, given the bookends for Tuesday through Wednesday.

    Tuesday began with a tribute to Ted Kennedy---the only Democrat with a confirmed kill in the war on women.

    And tonight will end with a speech by Bill Clinton---a man whose serial sexual harassment would have gotten him thrown out of the private sector years ago.

    The lives of these two men give new meaning to the term, "war on women."



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    Stephanie-the liar-Cutter suggested that Gov. Romney was a felon....and the ever-courageous Barry O refused to fire her.

    State Sen. Louise Lucas of VA accused Gov. Romney of being a racist (3 wks. ago), and again, silence from the courageous one.

    The Soptic (Septic?) ad basically accused Gov. Romney of being a murderer.

    Sorry Charles....your indignation doesn't pass the laugh test.


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    Obama is on record as supporting partial birth abortion; don't you think that this represents an extremist position? Fortunately, most Americans don't agree with Akin's nutty views....but they don't support killing kids, either.


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    If Mitt released four years of returns, the Obama goons would ask for 8 years. If Mitt released 10 yrs., team Obama would ask for 20. Romney is right to issue two years of returns, and leave it at that....otherwise, he's in a no-win game where the other side keeps moving the goalposts.

    Romney obviously has deep pockets; should he lose, I hope he sues Harry--Joe McCarthy--Reid for slander, and keeps the lawsuits going for years. Enough to bankrupt Dirty Harry and leave him penniless.


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    This isn't the first time that Jan Brewer has bucked the GOP power brokers in Phoenix. Last May, she championed a referendum providing a 1-cent increase in the state sales tax, which thanks to her leadership, passed by a healthy margin. If people think our state is in a mess currently, they should try imagining what it would be like if that measure had failed. It's also worth noting that last year's Democratic nominee for Governor---the hapless Terry Goddard---waited until two weeks before that election day before endorsing the sales tax increase....when polls suddenly showed that the measure was comfortably pulling ahead. Wow....there's leadership for you.

    It's a shame that Barack Obama doesn't have the stones to challenge HIS party's orthodoxy. Think about what we could accomplish as a country if this worthless excuse for a President had just a little courage.


  • The only thing exploding in response to this video is laughter, from the left to the right. Even for Obama, it's insipid and empty. So take your pick: there's a good NRSC video out, or you can watch what Jon Stewart had to say Monday evening:


    If you really think Obama's 2012 "launch" video either energized or aggravated anyone, you're wrong; all it did was make us laugh. Come out from under your rock, and see what the rest of the world is thinking of your hero.


  • Just in time for President's Day, Gallup released a poll over the weekend indicating what the American people really think about those who have served as President:


    Coming in #1 is--not surprisingly--President Ronald Reagan. Republicans and Reagan Democrats alike realize that he restored America's greatness, made America strong again, and fully understood American exceptionalism.....a concept which escapes the current White House occupant. But then again, it's becoming increasingly clear that Obama and his grim wife don't care about America, and that they really don't like us.

    Lincoln came in second in the poll, and President Clinton placed third. Not bad for a guy who was impeached for purely political reasons. Bill Clinton's greatness will stand the test of time.


  • You haven't learned anything during this sorry, misguided Obama Presidency. Why don't you try listening to yourself once in a while:

    "Just like some of Obama's corpratist policies are crap"  

    So apparently you've gone from the Obama "Amen chorus", to dumping all over him. While I'd like to say, "welcome aboard", some of us here at MyDD have longer memories. For two years, you fawned all over the annointed one, and bought into the entire "hope and change" agenda. But there is a major problem for assholes like you, Strummy: Obama and his agenda have been discredited at this point. And from Wisconsin to Florida, the hope and change bullshit is now being dismantled.

    Go fuck yourself Strummerson. You are an asshole, and you don't know jackshit about politics.

  • Notice you didn't reply to the ass-kicking I gave you. So try again, and explain your assinine comment: tell us how Obama was "playing hardball on tax cuts", when all he did was capitulate to GOP demands to extend the Bush era tax rates. After promising for the last three years that he would "roll back" those tax cuts....

    Dismembering your arguments is the only fun left on this site.....that and mauling poor little Strummy when he gets out of line.


  • Let's cut to the chase, asshole: the best part of Barack Obama rolled down his daddy's leg one night, forty-some years ago. He's basically just a worthless piece of garbage, which is something I and others have been trying to tell you Obam-orons since the Spring of 2008.

    Apparently, little things--- like the loss of 65 House seats---haven't dissuaded you drones from thinking that things are going just swell. Keep drinking the kool-aid, Strummy...maybe after the unemployment rate gets up around 12%, you'll understand a fundamental truth about our incredible shrinking President: you can't send a boy to do a man's job.


  • Obama didn't play hardball on the tax cuts, or anything else during the last two years, for that matter.....because he doesn't know how to be tough. (Hint: can you spell "wuss"?)  Bottom line, he got his butt handed to him by the Senate Minority Leader, and capitulated on just about everything he promised during the 2008 campaign.

    Try counting the number of times Obama promised to roll back the Bush tax cuts, and maybe you'll start to understand. For you to suggest that he played "hardball" on this issue---after promising to do the exact opposite if elected---may be the most idiotic comment ever posted on myDD....or anywhere, for that matter.


  • You never disappoint, Strummy, when it comes to cluelessness and naivete. You say "these victories don't come easy." In early 2009, Obama's popularity was almost twice what it is now; trust me, it would have been very easy then, and it wasn't especially hard now.

    What's obvious to more astute people is that Obama and his cronies have been holding this in their hip pocket, as a trump card to play when they needed it most---to placate their base. Is it any coincidence that this happened just three days after Obama signed an extension of the Bush tax cuts---something that infuriated his base, and visited turmoil on his party in Congress? You can almost hear him saying: "here is a nice Christmas gift for you, my little sheep; I worked very hard for you on this! Go back to sleep now, and do as Barry says. Nice liberals. Good liberals... sleep..."

    That is all DADT repeal ever meant to Obama: not some landmark Civil Rights legislation that the radical left is trying to trumpet. Simply a political ploy to use when his presidency needed it the most, to keep groupies like you on the reservation.

    Of course, what is truly despicable is the good people who were discharged under DADT, the military careers that burned while Obama fiddled over the last two years. But this is a craven and foul little man, who cares nothing about average working people---in the military or anywhere else. It's all about him.


  • When he isn't busy bumping into doors, Joe Biden is usually busy showing his ignorance on all things related to foreign policy.....kinda like you, lame.

    Just remember: this is the man whose solution for quelling the violence in Iraq was to partition it into three separate countries. And of course, this is after he assured the three or four people listening to him that he was against nation-building.


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    If Obama wasn't so weak and groveling, it wouldn't be necessary for majority-leader-in-waiting Eric Cantor to provide assurances to our allies.

    In case you hadn't noticed, Lame Street, Israel is still our most important ally in the Mideast, and in the world, for that matter. But Obama's shabby treatment of Prime Minister Netanyahu on his trip to DC, as well as his courtship of Muslims at every opportunity, make it critical for other leaders in our government to reassure our important allies of US loyalty. 

    Traditionally, Democrats have nurtured the special relationship between America and Israel; it's regrettable that the current White House occupant doesn't see fit to do so. But then, we'll have the chance to rectify the situation in another two years, won't we?


  • Strumm has been one of the chief cheerleaders in the Obam-oron chorus here at MyDD for the last two years. Now that the Prez has gotten his ass kicked in the midterm elections, he's acting like he has no use at all for Obama, never did.

    Which only proves the old saying about success having a thousand parents, while failures like Obama quickly become orphans.



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