Critical Prescription Drug Vote Expected Tomorrow -- Your Voice Needed

Tomorrow, a Senate vote is expected to try to break a planned filibuster against a bill empowering Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices. CQ Today reports that Senate leaders are "just short" of the needed 60 votes, and the final outcome remains uncertain.

With the pharmaceutical companies flooding Washington with dishonest ads and an army of lobbyists, if we are to beat back the filibuster, your Senators need to hear your voice now.

Campaign for America's Future has an action page where you can easily write your Senators and tell them, "Side with the people, not the big drug companies."

Lifting the ban on Medicare negotiating is supported by 85% of Americans, so if we give voice to the people's will, we will drown out the drug lobby and wavering Senators will fear the consequences of siding with the special interests.

Please contact your Senators today and ensure our Senate responds to the demands of the public.

Bill Scher blogs for Campaign for America's Future

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