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After spending the weekend in New Hampshire, Governor Richardson is in Iowa today starting a two-day trip around the state.  This afternoon, the governor participated in the Livestrong forum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Lance Armstrong and Chris Matthews moderated the event.  At MyDD, Nate Willems commented on Governor Richardson's contribution to the discussion of cancer and related issues at the forum:

Governor Bill Richardson brought up a number of different issues that nobody else spoke to this morning.  Of course, he said many of the same things, "I support a `surge' on the war on cancer;""we need to more than double the NIH budget." Richardson, though, brought up the issue of mental health, of healthy lifestyles and the prevention of diabetes.  He brought the perspective of a Governor and made allusions to his work New Mexico trying to provide insurance to a larger and larger number of its residents instead of waiting for the federal government to take action.  Richardson was the only candidate to speak about requiring Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices on behalf of seniors.  He stated is support of a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget, and of tying the salary increases to members of Congress to progress made on reducing the size of the federal deficit.  Lastly, he explained his support for a law legalizing the medical use of marijuana that was enacted during his tenure as Governor of New Mexico.
Find more information on Governor Richardson's health care policy platform here.

The governor will be in Iowa through tomorrow evening, holding "Job Interviews" in Anamosa and Dubuque today, and in Elkader, Waukon, Decorah, Hampton, and Cedar Rapids tomorrow.  For more details on the governor's trip around Iowa, click here.

Sunday morning, Governor Richardson appeared on CNN's "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer."  Hotline On Call noted some of the governor's remarks during the interview:

"You cannot start a peace process, a reconciliation, a peacekeeping force in Iraq that rebuilds the country without getting all of our troops out with no residual forces...

"I believe the best step is a withdrawal, but with a diplomatic plan that brings the three Iraqi entities together in a possible partition, in an all-Muslim peacekeeping force, in division of oil revenues, a sharing of power...

"The number of Iraqi deaths has doubled, almost 62 per day. This has been the deadliest summer on record for U.S. troops."

The progressive Nevada blog My Silver State is having a diary contest encouraging candidates' supporters to write about why other Nevadans should support their preferred candidate (for more info on this diary contest, click here).  Yesterday, Ross wrote an extensive diary detailing Governor Richardson's experience in a variety of public offices, and concluded at the end:
It is Governor Richardson's experience that will allow him to bring change to the White House.  No other candidate has as much legislative, executive, and international experience as Governor Richardson.  No other candidate has a vision for America's future that is based on extensive past experiences.  With the damage that has occurred during the Bush administration, we don't need a candidate who needs on-the-job training and we don't need a candidate who can't ensure an electoral victory in November.  Experience, Change, Electibility. This is why Nevadans should choose Governor Richardson at our Caucus.
I encourage you to check out Ross's diary for a great look at the governor's record as a public servant.

On Friday, Governor Richardson published a diary on Huffington Post discussing the current situation in Iraq, distinguishing himself from the other candidates on how to move forward in Iraq, and responding to President Bush's recent comments comparing our military involvement in Iraq to the Vietnam Conflict:

On Wednesday, in a desperate attempt to shore up support for his failed "surge" strategy, President Bush compared a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq to America's withdrawal at the end of the Vietnam War. The president is wrong. We don't need anymore troop surges, we need a diplomatic surge.

We must get all our troops out of Iraq as soon as possible...

We have now been in Iraq longer than it took to win World War II. My plan for Iraq ends the war with the fewest possible U.S. casualties and it moves the Iraqis' reconciliation process forward. My position has been consistent and unwavering...

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards have all proposed leaving residual troops in Iraq indefinitely, which will only drag out the process to the detriment of all involved.

I would pull ALL of our troops out -- they have become targets, and only a complete withdrawal makes sense...

That means no airbases, no embedded soldiers training Iraqi forces, no troops in the Green Zone. Zero troops. I would leave the customary marine contingent at our Embassy, but if that became unsafe, then I'd bring them home too. Only then can the diplomatic process of reconciliation and reconstruction truly begin, and the US must lead the way in making it happen.

On Sunday, at the ABC debate in Iowa, I asked the other candidates directly: how many troops would you leave behind? 25,000? 50,000? 75,000? For how long?

I am still waiting for an answer.

Many readers expressed their strong support for Governor Richardson's position on this issue.  Here are just a few:
by PaulAbrams:
"...I think this statement coming from Richardson---who has actually DONE all those things that Edwards has not---carries more weight. And, he seems to have said exactly the same thing for the last 7 months, even when others were still toying with what their positions should be politically."

by zizyphus:
"Richardson has the nerve to tell it like it should be.

"Of course we should get out, and get out now. We are going to leave a mess, but the longer we stay, the worse the mess becomes."

"...Governor Richardson has shown the ability to negotiate with difficult hombres and have success. His latest was his trip to North Korea where he helped shape a very positive agreement from one that was leading to a belligerent stand off. We hear very little fof this.

"Do any of the other candidates have his background or experience? He was elected in NM by almost 70% of the vote. His public persona is not glitzy but he has shown that he cares deeply about bringing peace and better lives to the general population. It's time to talk him up and look more closely at his qualifications."

Finally for today, John Fout wrote an excellent review of Governor Richardson's new book over the weekend at
I just finished an advance copy of New Mexico Gov. and Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson's book: Leading by Example: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution, which will be in stores on Nov. 2...

In the book, Richardson lays out a plan to change America's future based on a holistic energy policy. He understands energy policy relates to our economy and our national defense.  Richardson calls for a plan similar to JFK's race to put a man on the moon. His 10-year plan calls for leadership, investment and some sacrifice from everyone, with a final result that will be a better America.

He has the credibility after serving as a congressman for 15 years, a U.N. ambassador for three years, Secretary of Energy for three years, and governor of New Mexico for five years (which he enjoys describing as a clean energy state).

Richardson's book has five goals to follow in order to create an energy and security revolution:

  1. By 2020, reduce U.S. oil dependence by 50%;
  2. Increase efficiency and renewables in the electricity and natural gas markets;
  3. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% (probably 30%) by 2020, 50% by 2030, 80% by 2040, and 90% by 2050;
  4. Nurture and invest in science and technology, and;
  5. Lead by example.

What benefits would we reap from achieving the bold changes suggested by Richardson?

One would be stopping the huge flow of money going to countries that do not share our belief in democracy and free markets -- Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela?   Those petrodollars would be reinvested right here at home. Richardson strongly believes that alternative energy would be a future source of economic growth. It would create new industries and American jobs...

But energy leadership isn't just economic. The Bush administration has pulled out of numerous international treaties. Richardson believes that arrogance has hurt our image in the world. The U.S. could regain leadership on an important issue and restore its reputation around the world by be a leader on global warming.

How would Richardson achieve these goals?

He would be the energy president. He comprehends that corporations don't exist to develop more efficient energy or solve world crises. They intend to reap profits for shareholders. Therefore, government has to be involved to provide leadership.

But Richardson can't be labeled a socialist who wants to regulate markets. He prefers a variety of incentives for both businesses and consumers. He also firmly believes in free markets (he notes that we don't have a free energy market today)...

There's no doubt Richardson possesses the ability and the experience to pull off such bold plans.

Again, Governor Richardson's book, Leading by Example: How We Can Inspire an Energy and Security Revolution, will be released on November 2 of this year.  In the meantime, for more information on Governor Richardson's energy policy platform, click here.

That's it for today.  I hope you'll come by again tomorrow.

Until then,

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