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    Hi Jerome,

    We met at the Forward Together Gala.  Hope all is going well for you, and trust that things are well at the PAC.  Go Warner!

    I received my copy on Monday.  Actually, I received two copies--my wife ordered one for my Christmas gift (of course, this is my fault since I failed to inform her that I had already ordered a copy...).  A good laugh on Christmas morning.

    I'll start reading this weekend, even though I'm pretty swamped.  Lots of us Northern Virginian Dems will be working to help get the needed signatures on candidate petitions for the upcoming elections.    

    I hope you will post another thread in mid-March, after many of us will have had time to read and absorb...

    Regardless, take care.  And again, thank you for helping Mark Warner.  

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    Warner's fundraising effort is Forward Together PAC.  This PAC's first major fundraiser was held this past December.  Not bad so far...

    http://herndon1.sdrdc.com/cgi-bin/cancom srs/?_06+C00412791

    (from fec.gov)

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    Go to http://www.miller2006.org/ to read his bio and check out some recent news articles.
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    There have been quite a few inconsistencies and biases at raisingkaine.  These guys are big fans of James Webb, which is fine.  What is not fine is twisting facts to overzealously support a candidate who has not yet entered the race.  I'll go out on a limb here, but I find it hard to believe that James Webb will run.  If he does run, I welcome his patriotism to this campaign but caution his supporters to not underestimate Harris Miller.  

    But don't trust me or raisingkaine, let the facts on Harris Miller speak for Miller himself.

    Where has James Webb been in Virginia Democratic politics?  Where has Harris Miller been in Virginia Democratic Politics?  

    -Go to www.vpap.org  (Virginia's in-state political contribution site) and look up their names.  You'll find $0 for James Webb and +$55,000 for Harris Miller over the last decade (the website only goes back to 1996).  Harris Miller has been helping Virginia Democrats when this state was red as a fire truck, but where was James Webb?

    -Harris Miller ran and lost for Congress in 1984 (Virginia's 10th).  Harris Miller took one for the team, but where was James Webb?

    -Harris Miller is a former chair of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee in Northern Virginia, but where was James Webb?

    Over the next 60 days, we will learn about Harris Miller and his views.  He has been there for the Virginia Democratic Party for over 25 years, so give him a chance - especially since he had the courage to enter this very difficult race!  

  • Yep.  I wrote that.

    I put him on the defensive and got under his skin to make a point.  It worked.  And I came away from that conversation with a little respect for the fellow; I will not be abrasive if we disagree in the future.  He seems real young, but he's idealistic and wants to argue--good qualities.  Oh, and I have no problem with jrflorida giving me a "1" for using the word idiot and egging him on.    

    But what you did with this diary is far different.  "having fun" and going after one blogger by targeting several other bloggers (rating them a "1") seems self-destructive on your part.

    Your attempt to "conquest" (your word, not mine) actually gives off the perception that you have become a troll for this Diary.  

    And if this is your idea of "having fun", then get a life.  Really.  

  • I do not regard jrflorida as a troll.  

    He was missing the point.  Which is why I called him out, and rated his comment as lame.  He dug in deep, and started throwing out "1"s.  Eventually, he got it.

    You, on the other hand, actively go after bloggers (for right or wrong), thus causing a flame war.  

    Your life seems to be wrapped up in this Blog, which is sad.  You have so much talent, energy, and intelligence.  What I'm trying to communicate is that you waste so much time "going after" others when there really is no need.  Make your point and move on.

    That's what I did with jrflorida.  I made my point, and I respect the fact that he stood up for himself.  And I apologized to Eric Massas.

    You, on the other hand, continue to hold a grudge to those who do not matter.  

    Make your point, move on, and talk about what is in this important diary.      

  • Gary's 7,777 comment on MyDD.

    Seems appropriate.  Trolls, Flame War, Retaliation, Accusation, Confrontation...

    Gary, sometimes you provide thought-prvoking discussion that makes sense and adds context.  And sometimes you are your own worst enemy.

    You're argument of trolls is valid, but your efforts to stop them only bring more out of the woodworks.  

    There has to be a better way than resorting to this kind of practice.  Peace.

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    Actually, the panel had a pretty good discussion on the program.  

    You held up well; please continue to let us know when you are going on Fox.  

    But don't let the AMT issue slip off your radar.  As April 15th approaches and (if) no correction is made in Congress, the AMT may be equated as a bonafide tax increase on a significant portion of the middle class.  

    Take care.

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    ...this President actually thought he could come out this morning and use the Bully Pulpit to force the Senate to renew the Patriot Act before adjourning.

    His initial statement focused on the Patriot Act, and by the end of the statement he returned to the Iraq-terrorist-911 theme.  

    Dissociative reasoning we can salivate over? Or calculated wording to motivate his base and provide free airtime at the info-tainment media programs?

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    The wording "boys and girls" vs "men and women" is important.  Congressmen who say "boys and girls" do not understand what the uniform is about, and it is wrong.

    I was at Bethesda naval hospital (NNMC) in the early 1990s and a Senator, in his late 60s, spoke to a group of us.  He kept saying boys and girls, this and that.  Problem was that 2 women were there--one had lost her eye and the other had four pins in her leg from an injury.  There were 5 of us men there, and guess what!?! Two of the men were African Americans.  One was a Marine (yep, an amputee), the other a Navy enlisted man (I cannot remember what he had--an internal wound).

    The Senator was kind, in his own way.  Yet, it was still shameful.  It was demeaning.

    If you live in Florida, why don't you travel to a veterans hospital and visit.  I bet you'll find a few veterans that are not much older than you.  

    Mr. Massa's complaint is not a petty issue.  WORDS HAVE MEANING.  Active duty personnel and veterans are hypersensitive to any wording that is demeaning or derogatory in any way, regardless of how trivial.  WORDS HAVE MEANING.    

    With so few Congressmen and Senators who are also veterans, it is important to understand Mr. Massa's complaint.  His complaint is valid.  WORDS HAVE MEANING.

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    You're missing the point.  Please read:


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    Respect.  You should take some time to read:


    Maybe you'll be less abrasive and more congenial. Or don't you get it?    

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    Mr. Massa,

    My apologies for taking jrflorida for a loop on your diary.

    I failed to make a point.

    Please keep blogging at MyDD.  Your message is important, and many of us who do not have the time to blog try to visit MyDD when we can.

    I support you, and in 1Q 2006 I will contribute to your campaign.  I downloaded your contribution form, and will send it after the new year.  

    My best to you this holiday season.

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    That was funny.  Good laughs.  Really.


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