TX-28: 33 days to Defeat Cuellar--Free Conference Call tomorrow

Maybe as a first, I am inviting you to a free Conference Call tomorrow,(method to get phone number and log-in code below), to help build momentum for Ciro Rodriguez to defeat Henry Cuellar.

The reasons to defeat Cuellar are so well known now that I doubt they need to be repeated but he's kissed Bush and sat on the Republican side of the aisle during the State of the Union speech. That's enough for me. Screw 'em.

Ciro Rodriguez was the previous incumbent with a solid Democratic record until Cuellar somehow beat him in the last Primary. Rodriguez is waging a solid campaign yet can't compete with the Republican PAC's that are pouring money into Cuellar's Campaign!

[Important Content below the flip]

Rodriguez needs our help in the only way we can give it from outside his district. He needs us to do the one thing the Blogsphere does better than anything else:

Get pissed off and organize on an instants notice to achieve a goal!

Excuse the language above but it's the truth. My "perfect" attendee tomorrow will be a person who is an officer or person of influence of an organization that can impact people in a substantial way. Whether your club or organization is 20 people or 2000 you are needed on this call.

One problem: this conference bridge can only hold 90 seats! I tried to hire one for 200 seats but it was just too expensive.

If you are a group leader or an influential activist please attend. DFA! We need you. Clarkies!We need you.

Because this is very last minute, only 24 hours notice, it may be repeated. (I'd like to use my favorite bridge line that can hold as many as I would like but the costs are prohibitive.)

So be there...even though it means changing plans on a Friday night. I'll try and keep it on-track and to the point. 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific and we will start ON-TIME!

Call in early to make sure you get a 'seat'.

Email me at this address to get the phone number and log-in code.

If we overflow, then those that don't make it in will be invited to a second call. If you get blocked out then email me again.

This is the fastest way I know to get things started over the weekend with the one group I'm sure will get it done:The Real Activists/Leaders!

Join the Call!

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