John AND Elizabeth's Hubris

Elizabeth Edwards was wronged by her husband John.  Big time!

I hope she still takes her good-ol'-boy husband to the woodshed on a daily basis for good-ol'-fashioned whoopin' until she knocks the southern right off his drawl.  

He deserves it!

That said, both John and Elizabeth Edwards owe the Democratic Party an apology.  

Elizabeth knew about John's affair in 2006 prior to launching his Presidential campaign. The fact that they both colluded to lie and cover-up the affair and still go forward with the campaign put the Democrats' chances at winning back the White House at great risk.  Not because of the affair, but because of their complicit dishonesty about it.

John and Elizabeth are both experienced and smart politicians.  Surely they had some inkling about the combustive tinderbox that sex and politics can be.  Knowing about the affair, they should have never embarked upon the campaign knowing that this ticking time bomb was a disaster waiting to happen.

If the old adage, "it ain't the crime, it's the cover-up", is true, then both John and Elizabeth are guilty.

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Fox News Poll: Clinton 47 Obama 37

Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll

n= 377, +/- 5
January 30-31, 2008

Clinton 47
Obama  37

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"The Clinton's Are Big Meanies!"

Obama and his surrogates need to stop going on TV and whining about how the Clinton's are a bunch of meanies! It makes Obama look weak and unprepared for the office he seeks.

What does he think he was getting into, a quilting bee?

No doubt, the Clinton's have the best punch and counter-punch in contemporary politics. And while there may be some "Democratic Party Leaders" who are reaching for the smelling salts, it's only because they haven't seen a successful Democratic Presidential campaign since 1996, and forgot what one looks like.

Democrats take note: this is how Presidential campaigns are won!

As a Democrat who desperately wants a Democrat back in the White House, the Clinton's muscle-flexing gives me every confidence that they actually know what it takes to win one of these things. After all, there is a reason why the Clintons are the only Democrats to win the White House twice since FDR.

Finally, that Obama finds himself so easily thrown off his game by a little bit of friendly fire from the Clintons tells me that he will be eviscerated by the balls out business end of the GOP attack machine.

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The Las Vegas Sun Endorses Clinton

Clinton The Right Choice

Hillary Clinton's vision, experience are what's needed for America at this time

Fri, Jan 18, 2008

One word can sum up George W. Bush's presidency: incompetence.

For seven years this nation has been subjected to an administration riddled with abject failures of leadership -- Hurricane Katrina and the Iraq war instantly come to mind. We also have had an administration infested with cronyism and drenched in secrecy.

The American people naturally are demanding change, and the 2006 election was the first evidence of this, as Democrats regained control of both houses of Congress. But the Democrats hold a majority too slim to override vetoes, and Bush and Senate Republicans have obstructed Democratic legislation.

This year's presidential election offers an opportunity to change course and get our country moving in the right direction again. And, this Saturday, Nevadans will have their say.

The Republicans are holding a presidential nominating caucus, but nearly all of the party's candidates have ignored Nevada. One reason is that the Republicans are having a nonbinding caucus, a straw poll of Republicans that won't decide anything. Furthermore, the candidates are opting to campaign in the GOP battleground state of South Carolina, which is holding its primary on the same day as Nevada's presidential caucus, rendering our state's GOP outcome virtually meaningless.

In stark contrast, Nevada has become a battleground for the Democrats.

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The Politics Of Identity Politics

I find the media's collective uproar over whether or not Clinton played the gender card to be just plain silly. Given the extent to which the male gender card is played, swapped, and collected 24/7/365 on the network and cable news, their feigned outrage is not without irony.

The truth is that identity politics has been central to the political process since long-before the Roman Empire.  Further, every President in US history got there by playing some form of the male gender card.

Indeed, any objective view of the current Presidential field reveals that Clinton is not alone in trying to win over voters by means of identity politics.

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Economist: Clinton 45, Obama 21, Edwards 16

Economist Democrat Presidential Primary Poll
October 22-30

Clinton    45
Obama    21
Edwards  16

From now until election day on November 4th, 2008 The Economist will be teaming up with the pollsters at YouGov/Polimetrix to track opinion across America.  Full details of the polling date will be available on from the next week.

The sample of the poll was 1,500.  However neither the breakdown for Democrat or Democrat leaners, nor the MOE was indicated. ry.cfm?story_id=10063768

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Newsweek: Clinton 43, Obama 24, Edwards 12

Newsweek Democratic Presidential Primary Poll
October 31 to November 1 (August)
Democrat and Democratic leaners N=433, (+/- 6)

Clinton     43 (44)
Obama     24 (23)
Edwards   12 (14)

On Tuesday, at the eighth presidential debate among Democrats, front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton came under withering fire from her top rivals, Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards. But the attacks didn't appear to do much damage, with her lead for the party's nomination unchanged, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll.

The New York senator gets 44 percent of the overall Democratic vote, compared to 24 percent for Obama (down a point since NEWSWEEK's August poll) and 12 percent for Edwards (down two points). She is the first choice of 45 percent of self-identified Democrats (compared with 39 percent of Democratic "leaners"). She also trounces Obama among Democratic female voters (48 to 19 percent) and enjoys a marginal lead among male Democratic voters (38 to 32 percent). Obama runs better among younger Democratic voters and minorities.

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Taylor Marsh on Abrams Report Tonight

Taylor Marsh is on The Abrams Report tonight.  She will be discussing her post on the Democratic debate.

Show Taylor some love and tune in!

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Pew Poll: Clinton Creams Giuliani

David Paul Kuhn at Politico writes of the new Pew poll showing Clinton beating Giuliani by 8 points, 51 to 43:  

In a hypothetical matchup between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, bloc after bloc of traditionally Republican voters break for Clinton:

She wins the South.

She polls evenly with voters who attend church at least once a week.

She splits families with a household income above $100,000.

She loses rural voters and men -- but only by a narrow margin.

All are constituencies Republicans have dominated for decades; George W. Bush won each by double-digit margins.

The findings from The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press remain preliminary, considering even the primaries are still two months off.

But Pew questioned an unusually large number of voters to try to paint the most accurate picture possible of where the presidential contest stands today. 7/6644.html naires/366.pdf

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Pew: Clinton 45, Obama 24, Edwards 12

Pew Research Center
October 17-23,  2007 (September)
837 Democratic and Democratic leaning registered voters.

Clinton    45 (42)
Obama    24 (25)
Edwards  14 (12) naires/366.pdf

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