What are the applications of Polypropylene?

The main applications of Polypropylene. a) Injection products PP resin is used in the proportion of injection-molded articles can be accounted for about half of which daily ordinary PP as raw materials, auto parts to enhance or toughened PP as a raw material, while the other uses either high impact strength and low temperature brittle copolymer polypropylene PPC -based raw materials. Automotive: PP is increasingly becoming the dominant auto parts material, became the first major automotive plastic varieties. Toughened PP for bumper and wheel shrouds, etc., reinforced PP is used for instrument panel, steering wheel, handle, battery shell. Commodity: Ordinary PP commonly used in injection molding hangers, chairs, stools, buckets, pots, toys, stationery, office supplies, furniture, crates and so on. Appliances: modified PP for a washing machine drum, TV cabinet, fan leaves, lined refrigerators, small appliances such as Shell. b) Film products PP film PP content accounted for about 10% , which is characterized by transparency and surface gloss close cellophane, but poor softness, hand rubbed strong sound; strength, can be used for re-packaging materials; oxygen permeation rate of the HDPE film 30% for moisture-proof packaging material, such as advanced clothing, drugs , cigarettes and other packaging. PP film good heat resistance, can be sterilized by boiling for frozen and fresh food packaging. PP film good electrical insulation properties, heat setting treatment orientation film for capacitors, motors, transformers, insulating material, even better than PET film. Biaxially oriented PP film (BOPP) for strength, transparency, gloss and so good for typewriter tape, adhesive tape base film, cigarette packaging film. c)PP Fiber products PP fiber products mainly include single wire, flat wire, fiber categories.PP monofilament low density, good toughness, wear resistance, suitable for production of ropes , nets and so on. PP Flat Yarn tensile strength, suitable for production of woven sacks used to replace traditional. PP woven bags with high strength, commonly used in fertilizer, cement, grain, sugar, mineral powder, chemical raw materials packaging. PP Flat Yarn can also produce woven fabric for tents, tarpaulin, color of the cloth. PP fibers are widely used in carpets, blankets, clothing, mosquito nets, artificial turf, artificial, diapers, cloth, non-woven and curtains. d) Extrusion products Pipe products: PPC as a raw material mainly used in water pipes, drainage, heating, chemical and corrosive media; pipes and fittings between the available hot-melt connection. Sheet: PP/PE blends of raw materials, mainly for stationery and plastic products , such as file folders, designer folders, albums, disposable cups and so on. In addition, PP can also be used out of bars, plates and other products. e) Hollow products PP product has transparency and good mechanical properties, mainly for single bottles of detergents, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging, composite materials with barrier composite bottle can be used for as the packaging for food, liquid fuels, chemical,and so on.

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