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    So voting to drill for oil in the Artic Wildlife Reserve is "progressive" now? I too would prefer Case ran for governor, but Sen. Akaka lost my vote when he tried to horse trade his oil drilling vote for the so-called Akaka Bill, and got nothing in return but egg on his face. It has been said he is one of the five most ineffective Senators, and -- judging by the way Alaska's Sen. Ted Stevens has played him -- I see no reason not to believe it. Is this really the best we can do?

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    Hawaii to MyDD: Akaka has been a big disappointment -- a typical go-along, get-along Senator who has been played for a sucker by Senate Republicans on the so-called Akaka Bill, for which he sold his Alaska oil drilling vote (and still got squat in return). You call that progressive? It's not even smart politics. And equating Case with Lieberman is another huge stretch of the imagination. Rethink this one, please!


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