A Veteran runs for Congress against Tancredo

My name is Bill Winter and I am running for Congress in Colorado's Congressional District 6 against Tom Tancredo. I'd like to take a minute to let you know a little bit about me and a little bit about my opponent.
I have been a strong supporter of environmental causes my entire life. Mr. Tancredo wants to sell all of our National Forest lands and open them to development for profit. He is a strong supporter of drilling for oil in Alaska. I am a strong supporter of ending our dependency on oil and developing alternative sources of energy. Mr. Tancredo was one of only 4 members of Congress to vote AGAINST the Violence Against Women Act. What kind of person votes against an act designed to stop violence against women? I am a strong supporter of women's rights, women's equality, and women's safety!
Tancredo tours the Country grandstanding about immigration. Let me address the immigration issue, because even there I do not believe that Tancredo wants real solutions. He only wants the publicity that goes with being contrary. Tancredo and I both believe that our immigration system is broken and must be fixed. The difference is that I will actually work hard to form coalitions to make sure it happens. Mr. Tancredo will simply continue to call people names and make no progress on this issue.
We've had the same party in control of the White House and all of Congress for five years now, and we haven't seen any immigration reform at all. Why do you suppose that is? I believe it's for the same reason why we have so many problems in other areas today--corruption and cronyism. The people in Washington right now have been seduced by money and power and they are controlled by the same big businesses that hire undocumented workers. Tancredo is hip deep in this mess. He has $28,000 from Tom Delay and thinks it is okay.

Did you know that under Bill Clinton there were over 2000 prosecutions of businesses for hiring undocumented workers, but under George Bush there have been fewer than five? And Tancredo hasn't said anything about it.
Did you know that the first company to get a contract in New Orleans after Katrina was Kellogg, Brown and Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, and they hired undocumented workers to do the work? But Tancredo didn't say anything about that either, did he?  And why not?
For the same reason why the rest of the Washington power brokers won't prosecute businesses who hire undocumented workers. Because Tom Tancredo is bought and paid for by lobbyists!
The current power structure in Washington is hip deep in the same corruption and cronyism that brought us the Katrina fiasco and the DeLay affair and the Abramoff mess. If you REALLY want to deal with the immigration issue, then you have to really be ready to deal with the corruption and cronyism in Washington, and that's what I intend to do.
I can't be bought by these people. I already left a six figure job as a lawyer to teach and coach kids. I intend to ask the tough questions. I am a ten year veteran of the Navy and Marine Reserve and I did not serve my country to sit back and watch the culture of corruption and cronyism sell us out. We need to return to American values of hard wok and integrity and restore our honor.
I will ask why we let the immigration system remain broken to the point of serving no one--not the workers, not business and certainly not the American people. We need a system that works.
I hope you can agree with me that defeating Tom Tancredo is important for both Colorado and America. We need a representative that believes in real solutions and real coalitions, and we need a Congress that respects the Constitution and looks out for regular Americans. None of those descriptions apply to Tom Tancredo or the current Republican leadership.
America deserves--and NEEDS--better than Tom Tancredo. Please visit our website at WinterForCongress.com to learn more about me and my campaign.

Thank you.

Bill Winter

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Re: A Veteran runs for Congress against Tancredo

For what it's worth I briefly met the author of this thread, Bill Winter, when the "Band of Brothers" came to Washington a few weeks ago.  I was very impressed with Bill and ALSO his website, www.winterforcongress.com Check it out!  There are great candidates in Colorado this year!

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