• actually bill clinton said roughly the same thing (that it's hard to thumb your nose at your banker) a whole lot while stumping for congressional candidates in 2006.  he actually went a good bit farther and argued our debts to china constituted a national security threat.  i'd find a link, but i'm lazy.  you can look it up for yourself and enjoy the crow.

  • conjecture about petty crimes, implications of sinister plots to race-bait, a boogeyman behind every quotation and memo, the cunning of a puppeteer and the conscience of a snake.  you know?  if i didn't know any better, i'd say this is roughly how hillary clinton was treated by the GOP for 20 yrs.  but i don't really know what it's like to be a real Democrat, so i'll quietly return to my hovel.

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    so we're supposed to read reprints of what HRC's website put up regarding the campaign/debate and consider it authoritative?  

  • patti solis doyle came up in the daley machine too, and her brother is an alderman.  

  • a good lot.  if i'm going to fart, i don't do it in a room full of people.  i appreciate the context in which i'm farting and choose to do it discreetly in the restroom.  

    if i'm president with a rabid GOP congress out for blood, i don't get a blowjob from an intern.  bill clinton ignored the context of his actions.  the sex itself isn't terribly relevant, but the very predictable consequences were.

  • your failure to remember or interpret history properly has nothing to do with me.  too busy canonizing the guy so undisciplined that he threw his party into turmoil for a blowjob.

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    yes, yes!  obama is a closet republican.  his kenyan grandmother, living on lake victoria, has been whispering in his ear for years about how we should slash foreign aid to poor countries and deprive the next generation of their retirement inheritance through privatization.

    it's all coming clear now...

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    right.  getting a blowjob from your intern while president is the total fabrication of the RIGHT.  the RIGHT-WING benefits whenever we point out that clinton was a flawed figure.  nothing but hagiography must escape our lips, lest the light of truth feed the RIGHT-WING.

    i was 15 at the beginning of the clinton era, thanks.

    in the between time, there's a striking correlation between the period during which the clintons succeeded and the democratic party as a whole suffered miserably.  strikingly, the opposite correlation has held.  i know you'd like to write history such that the clintons were blameless in all this, but let's just say our nation's progressives weren't so enthused to vote down-ticket when the top of the ticket was pimpin don't ask-don't tell, NAFTA, and the downsizing of welfare.

    i have no interest in saying that we shouldn't vote for them because of the scandals.   i submit that we shouldn't vote for them because the politics they play will make our party suffer.

    and for all the electoral historians out there who think the clintons have magical republican-slaying powers, i guess it's pretty easy to forget the presence of ross perot and that bill never got above a plurality at the polls.  hell, i could have learned that watching saturday night live.

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    i guess the poster is right.  bill and hillary clinton, while in office, were the only democrats to win against the republicans.  of course, they were so distracted by scandal and simultaneously drawn inexorably to the right to keep their electoral heads above water that the democratic party base was totally depressed and the bottom fell out of the entire party at the sub-presidential level.

    so you're totally right.  the clintons were the only ones to beat the republicans.

  • donations to campaigns under 200 dollars aren't itemized on the FEC report, so both campaigns, but more likely Hillary's based on anemic online fundraising in the past, could be lying!

    Love that everyone on this site really has a nose for and rejects propaganda.

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    you lost me after the second parenthetical in which you said obama was behind clinton in SC polls.  Hard to trust someone who gets something so radically wrong within the first 100 words of a diatribe.
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    the anti-obama attitude around here even seems to be affecting people's ability to reason mathematically.

    what if, and this is just a hypothetical, HRC and JRE's flat fee is larger than obama's cap is high?  then, guess what?  then he's paying his consultants less than they are, particularly if they never reach the cap.

    but i guess blinding red hatred keeps one from seeing that.  so of course obama is still paying his consultants more in MyDD land.

  • nope, not being melodramatic.  the bullshit about the busing was from a statement from the clinton campaign and from rumors on the night of the JJ.  the fact that yepsen uncritically passed along these rumors is of questionable journalistic merit.

    fine with me if you don't believe it.  but it was trumped up horseshit the first time it was floated a month ago.

  • glad to know holden likes to cling to myths, smears and lies, and he has no trouble carrying dishonest water for his candidate.  desperation smells awful.

    NOONE was bused in for the JJ from outside iowa.  i suppose this is what you have to rely on to calm your fears that obama may have actually turned out three times as many people FROM IOWA as your candidate.

    it just so happens there was a good bit of staff from chicago there (about 60 people) and another handful of organizers' parents (don't know how many).  but there were never any buses aside from  the ones the campaign deftly organized to bring in supporters from all four corners of the state.

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    hey machine, you unoriginal prick.  did you copy and paste this post from the thousands of its like on Kos, or did you get suckered into expending the effort yourself?

    p.s. i'm an obama supporter

    p.p.s. you're right that the site has experienced its ebb and flow of good writing.  but it'll be back, and anyone who's actually been here long enough knows that foreswearing the site for a bad few months is well nigh retarded.


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