• Yes, I'm a freeper.

    Seriously, health care reform is an incredibly important issue for voters and Obama is doing the right thing by clearing up any confusion over his stand on this important issue.  He seems to be moving in that direction, a good thing.

    Obama's not perfect.  Bringing polite attention to key areas of policy that he needs to clarify will not cause him to lose.

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    Sherrod Brown has been raising funds for Franken, a good endorsement from someone who knows how to win tough races.  Merkley sounds like a good candidate too.

    Thanks for the analysis!

  • is the organization whose report points out this issue with both candidates' plans.  Blame them.

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    Pelosi & Reid have much more power to influence this issue.  Its not a matter of what's possible, its a matter of lobbyists and campaign cash.

  • Clinton and Edwards both stated it would be retained in their plans, Obama and McCain are silent on the issue.

    Its easy enough for Obama to clarify.  If he does, he can use it as a very potent issue against McCain.

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    The plan they've put forward so far isn't enough.

  • and it was discussed a great deal by those of us discussing health care reform plans during the primary.

    Clinton's plan kept the tax break in place, Obama's campaign made some excuse about amending his plan later.  It hasn't happened.

    Obama needs to fix it, then use the issue against McCain.

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    Hillary's was very detailed, comprehensive.

    IIRC, Reid said something like "I'm not sure what we're going to do" (he reminds me more of Homer Simpson every day)

    Pelosi said something like - we'll help Bush get it done as quickly as possible.

    Clinton's detailed statement made Pelosi backtrack and start doing her job.

    They're useless, greedy fools more worried about raising money for their next election cycle than about doing their jobs.

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    As Krugman said:

    ...there's no quid pro quo here -- nothing that gives taxpayers a stake in the upside, nothing that ensures that the money is used to stabilize the system rather than reward the undeserving.

    Nowhere in the Dem plan does it mention a requirement that taxpayers share in the upside of the bailout.

    Also, no stabilization measures.

    It appears Pelosi, et al are dishonestly waving some red meat to voters by trying to cap compensation of the executives.  Showy, yet not enough to make this a good comprehensive package that pays back taxpayers and prevents it from happening again.

    Back to the drawing board Nancy, Harry and Barney.  We're not a bunch of idiots here.

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    Good for her.  

    Clinton's strong, detailed response to the flaws in Bush's proposal set the tone and made it much more difficult for Pelosi and Reid to engage in their typical hand-wringing capitulation.

    Take the lead Obama and lets make sure we show American voters how Dems can come up with quality policy that protects voters and our future instead of ripping us off.

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    A new crooked scheme cooked up by the 3 most conservative Ohio dailies and U of Cinci Polling report.

    Very bogus stuff from newspapers who have a long reputation of rigging polls in the waning days of presidential elections to push voters towards GOP candidates.  Usual tricks, oversampling of conservative voters, etc.

    Don't believe any of the numbers you see from them.

  • Agree, sideline the useless and ethically bankrupt Reid and Pelosi and let Hillary and Sanders take the lead in the Senate coordinating message and framing with Obama on the campaign trail.

    Opposition to the Bush/GOP looting of the US Treasury is not obstructionism, but leadership and that's the way it should be framed by Dems and the news media.

    Dems have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing the right thing and proposing a sane solution.  Bush, McCain and the GOP no longer have any credibility with voters on the issue.

    Believe in it and sell it on main street.

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    Wonder how much these companies have invested in the same bad paper in the Wall Street banking mess?  How much longer before their premiums rise to cover the cost of bad investments?

    The collateral effects of this crash could reverberate into many sectors of the economy, including private health insurance.

  • This practice needs to be outlawed, period.

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    Pelosi & Reid's response (or lack thereof) is unacceptable.  They need to be replaced, period.

    Until then, uncorrupted Dem leaders like Clinton need to step forward and take the initiative to craft a better agreement.


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