• and that's still not saying much for her.

    I don't know why anyone is shocked at the choice of Palin as veep.  She's every bit as ignorant and inexperienced as Bush, yet the media covered for him.  

    Its no surprise the GOP would think they could pull the same trick again.  They don't run candidates, they run political celebrities.

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    who can whip the votes needed on key votes.  There's no benefit in spending money to elect Dems to the Senate who will only vote with the GOP when they get there.

  • By backing a better version of a bailout plan that protects the interests of middle class voters and prevents future calamities.

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    Best wishes for a long and happy marriage!  

  • Where are the provisions that make Wall Street bear some of the burden of the bailout cost?

    Bush can object all he wishes, but if he doesn't give middle class voters a fair shake on this deal, his party will lose the election along with a lot of seats in Congress.

    There is no downside for Dems or Obama in backing a fair and sensible bailout. None.

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    there's no backlash from them.  They're the ones who are calling their legislators objecting to the current bailout plan and its massive transfer of wealth to the investor class.

    If he's on the side of Wall Street and places their needs ahead of voters, he'll not do well.  

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    is the wisest course for the long run and voters seem to agree.  There's no downside to pushing for a better bailout, except pressure from lobbyists and campaign donors.  Surely Dems can find some courage to stand up to them.

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    Not to be a wet blanket, but Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman, Ben Nelson and similar Dems should remind us that reaching the magic number of 60 Dems in Congress doesn't guarantee Dem success on critical issues like health care reform.

    Republicans know who our DINO Dems are in the Senate and will waste no time in bringing pressure to bear on critical votes.

    IMHO, don't count on them and, unless Dem leadership gets some real commitment from them, don't waste money on getting more of them elected to office.

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    though I'm not always sure at the time why he's doing it.  My guess is it has to do with jobs.  Dennis isn't irresponsible, something's up.

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    McCain and GOP strategists are looking very bad to voters right now.

    Who knows why they've bungled it so badly?  Maybe they just miscalculated the ire of voters and the growing immunity to GOP scare tactics and propaganda.

    I spent yesterday canvassing a GOP neighborhood.  Those folks aren't happy, they don't like McCain but they don't want to talk about it.  A few will switch to Obama (mostly women voters) but the rest are so disillusioned w/ McCain they don't know what to do.  Hopefully they'll stay home on election day.

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    his seat is pretty safe; same with my own Congresswoman, Betty Sutton.  IMHO, they're standing on principle, holding out for a deal that benefits the middle class, working folks.

    Both also have strong ties to organized labor, not sure how important that is, but its worth noting.  Perhaps unions see this as an opportunity to protect US jobs and bring more back from overseas.

  • the uninsured, not so much.  As someone posted elsewhere in this thread, hospitals have been and will continue to turn away those who have no health insurance.  Here in our town, the mega hospitals who want more money from the government are busy sending patients to the public hospitals and investing in building new mega hospitals for wealthy sheiks in the ME.  Giving them more money via FMAP will add more to hospitals' bottom line, but isn't likely to help those who have no insurance.

    Real health care reform that helps hospitals and individuals is the only long term solution.

  • Matt Blunt ranks right up there with Palin - a corrupt disaster.

  • There's nothing exemplary in Palin's record that makes her remotely eligible to serve as Veep.  She's being criticized because she's not qualified and is allowing herself to be used as a "token" woman candidate.

    That devalues all women who seek higher office.

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    Where were they when the Blivet and Cheney were stumbling all over themselves during their first campaign?

    Guess their high standards for candidates didn't apply back then.  Egads, conservatives must be humiliated and ashamed at what they've done the last 8 years.


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