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    who loves my party.  I have no respect for self-serving Democrats who make a career of praising Republicans on tv.  

    Bitter? Not me. Loyal, yes.  100% Democrat, yes.  Self-serving, no.  

    I suppose that's out of fashion these days.

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    She's part of the crew responsible for far too many failed Democratic campaigns.  A useless Washington insider who has spent the better part of the last several years praising Republicans and criticizing Dems who dare challenge the DC establishment.

    Glad she's amped up over her future prospects of job security.  Now maybe she'll just disappear again after the election is over.

  • Obama will eventually adapt a program similar to Clinton's, one that requires everyone have coverage of some sort, with assistance to help make it affordable and with caps on premiums.

    He'll either do so because he'll realize its the best way to keep costs under control or because a collapsing health care system will require more aggressive measures.  Like the banking crisis, as the clock runs out and the situation deteriorates, there will be fewer remedies remaining.

  • political persuasion when proposing solutions is irrelevant.

    The time is long past to indulge in the luxury of debating health care reform based on silly arguments of philosophical approaches to government, for profit vs regulated.  

    Reforming the health care system is next up on the crisis list.  Free market supporters of health care and insurance have long ago lost the battle in attempting to prove those ideas will work. They don't. They not only result in higher health care and employment costs, they're slowly strangling the current system of care.  

    Regulation of the health insurance industry as well as government intervention to help control rising costs and provide health insurance for the growing numbers of uninsured is no longer debatable, its a requirement if we want to keep the health care system from collapsing.

    Obama's plan still doesn't go far enough, but its a step in the right direction. Everyone needs to have coverage, whether they like it or not, in order to rein in rising health care costs. I trust Obama will be smart enough to figure that out when the time comes.

    McCain's plan is obsolete and already a proven failure.

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    Do you guys get paid by the post?

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    In the last several weeks, they've been highly targeted to women voters.

    Thank goodness Dems figured it out before they blew another presidential election.  

    If it comes to making a choice, they'd be better off ignoring the young, sexist male vote in the future.  Who needs pig-headed, profane morans anyway?

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    because they know they need them to win.  That's a sign the party's candidates are figuring out what Bill Clinton knew - that women are the biggest voting bloc for Dems and whose support is necessary to win the WH.  After losing two elections, they're getting back on track.

    Hopefully, the rebellion of women voters in this election has taught them an important lesson - the glass ceiling in the Democratic Party is a problem that needs to be dealt with.

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    Anyone who thinks women no longer care about electing a woman president and increasing the number of women serving in Congress is in for a very, very, very big surprise.

    Dems ignore women voters at their peril.

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    focus group on MSNBC thought so too, roughly 60-40.

    Obama comes off as cool, intelligent, and with policies far superior to McCains.

    I must also say in this debate Obama did a much better job of conveying real empathy and concern for average voters.  He finally sounds like he really cares about what happens to people, something he no doubt has felt all along, but hasn't been comfortable expressing.

    He also did a better job of explaining how tax cuts for the wealthy were a bad idea for the economy.

    Keep it up, Obama.  Show that compassion. Explain how we knew those tax cuts for the wealthy were going to screw up the economy many, many years ago.  And keep finding ways to give past Democratic administrations credit for managing the economy instead of destroying it.

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    This little episode could have been a nice diversion from watching my 401K evaporate.

    No doubt the Bush state department greased a few palms to get Corsi back on the campaign trail. Guess Corsi learned the hard way that Kenya doesn't play by GOP rules.

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    but I don't recall it that way. Perhaps those were the Mason Dixon polls. Either way, the polling was way off for Brown even this late in the game.

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    Its the economy, folks.

    Rasmussen polls in Ohio late in the campaign are always "inaccurate".  In 2006, they had Sherrod Brown down by 10 pts in his Senate race a few weeks out, but he won anyway.

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/story/2008/10/06/ST2008100602387.ht ml

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    so those who rely on it to make their decisions are being fed bogus poll numbers and biased news reporting.  They're also being fed a daily diet of faux scandals and false innuendo about Dem officeholders.

    Bring Bill Clinton to Ohio, maybe even consider running some tv and radio ads that feature Clinton and Obama.  It will help.

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    it was plain that women were not responding well to Palin, while they were more approving of Biden.

    I had the same impression, she lost a lot of women voters last night.

  • and its been brutal here.

    When Obama sends Bill Clinton to Ohio, he'll talk about the economy and reassure voters here.  Ohioans love Clinton, he'll help a great deal.


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