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    The economy, most certainly, but health care reform comes in a close second in importance to voters.

    The major shifts to Obama have come in the later stages of the race, as voters become increasingly worried about these two issues. It's taken a near meltdown of the world economy to swing a lot of

    Perhaps blue dog Dems need to be reminded that the weak policy agenda and their lack of adequate leadership in Congress since '06 made this election an uphill battle.  If voters were so enamored of "blue dog" Dems policy, record and candidates, the race would have been decided much sooner.

    As much as the economy, health care reform needs to be a top priority for progressives.  The issue hasn't been adequately discussed on the campaign trail, but its the next economic crisis on the horizon. Many new or returning voters are backing Obama and Dem candidates on faith.  

    Voters want some new ideas, not the same old nibbling at the edges that blue dog Dems did in Congress.  If they don't come up with some very successful plans to save affordable health care, they will be out by the midterms. Voters aren't going to be bamboozled on this issue.

    Quality health care policy is not just necessary, its the right thing to do, and that's what Dems stand for.

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    Did I miss something here?

    Surely the Democratic Party isn't going to become the party of male, young, minority voters only.

  • research, development of new technologies, building, agriculture, transportation, etc.

    Yes they all depend on banking and loans, but as one economist put it - banking and finance are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.  They're only part of what fuels economic growth.

    Building an economy based on consumer borrowing is a joke. Its not sustainable.

    Joseph Stiglitz talked about some of this on NPR the other day:

    http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story .php?storyId=95906243

  • But our economy can't survive on convincing people to borrow money and buy junk they don't need while reducing their incomes and making them pay more for energy, health care, etc.

    It can't last.

  • The finance industry has become too large a part of the US and global economy - we can't live on borrowing and lending money.  There's an inevitable shake-out happening, but other sectors of the economy are moving on and will continue to do so.

  • There's growing interest in open source, regional, sustainable economic development.

    My son just presented at a conference on this topic, and it was well attended by people from around the world. He's had several job offers from third world countries looking at this model (Ma says ix-nay on war torn countries)

    I'm the old ma, so I may not be describing it well, but it promotes the idea of letting regions, communities, etc. develop their own sustainable economies using their own resources and labor.  

    Instead of borrowing money to buy machinery and materials from other countries at high prices to exploit low labor costs and make products they don't have much use for locally - give them access to the information and technology they need to produce what they need to sustain their own local economy.

    "This means opening access to the information and technology which enables a different economic system to be realized, one based on the integration of natural ecology, social ecology, and industrial ecology. This economic system is based on open access- based on widely accessible information and associated access to productive capital- distributed into the hands of an increased number of people. We believe that a highly distributed, increasingly participatory model of production is the core of a democratic society, where stability is established naturally by the balance of human activity with sustainable extraction of natural resources. This is the opposite of the current mainstream of centralized economies, which have a structurally built-in tendency towards of overproduction."

    http://www.p2pfoundation.net/Open_Source _Ecology

  • the parts of the global economy built on a house of cards may need to be allowed to fail.  What's the benefit in sustaining them?

    There are still many core areas of the economy that are and will always be strong - those are the areas that need focus and support.  

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    and the communities in the Parkway West area used to (assume they still do) have a diverse number of religions represented. It used to be the district where the corporate execs lived and raised families.

    What kind of idiots are running this school district?  For the life of me, I can't figure out what kind of reality these educators live in.  No doubt they don't have enough interaction with the outside world to have any concept of community standards or decency.

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    So there's a need to track CI on these polls, too.

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    Thanks for the analysis, Jerome.  Can you tell me if campaigns/analysts/news media use poll results with MOEs greater than 3.5?

    In the olden days, when the media had professional standards, any poll with an MOE above 3.5 was thrown out.  Same thing as I recall from advanced social statistics classes in college way back in the 70's.

    Has everyone thrown out that standard these days, or has some new analysis found a means to develop reliable results using high MOE polls in the mix?

    Just wondering.  Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    It was about a reporter participating in and covering up criminal activity.

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    Stirring the hate, fear and division. Most likely part of Rove's plan for voter segmentation and division.  Judy would fit nicely with Fox in moving this agenda forward.

    The GOP has been very active in our area cultivating fear within the Jewish community, local news media occasionally helps out by fanning the flames.

    Inflammatory pics included:

    http://blog.cleveland.com/openers/2008/1 0/traditionally_democraticleanin.html

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    if you're canvassing, you're on the perp's private property.  This is really sick, and I don't mean that in a good way.  It makes me afraid to continue canvassing.  The hostility in some homes I've visited has been palpable, usually those where the woman of the household has voted Dem, but the husband is GOP.

    I'm beginning to suspect a lot of these women are being intimidated by their spouses also.  Wonder if reports of domestic violence are increasing?

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    When all the crazies come out of the woodwork after Obama is elected, it gives the justice system a chance to get them off the streets and throw them in jail.

    Better to have them locked up than spreading their poison around.

  • lock, stock and barrel. Its 100% GOP, most of the justices are underqualified partisans who were put in their seats by corporate groups like the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, etc. to privatize public education and enact tort refrom. They're a rubber stamp, nothing more, sort of the way the SCOTUS will look in a few more years if the GOP wins the WH again.  The bench was so blatantly partisan during the Taft years, they used to let the GOP hold fundraisers right in the Supreme Court chambers.  They get complete protection from the Ohio news media.

    Big money GOP'ers who own the Ohio Supremes have more than enough money to waste on these useless lawsuits.   As long as Brunner can keep appealing these lawsuits up to the SCOTUS, it should be safe and we won't have to rely on the a$$clowns in the Ohio Supreme Court to do their job.

    I'm supporting Judge Peter Sikora, the Dem candidate for Ohio Supreme Court.  Its hard to get many Dem judges to run for this seat, for some reason, Ohio Dem Party doesn't support these candidates.



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