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    though I think it will be slow and rank and file voters will probably have to push really hard to make it happen.

    Even if Dems take stronger control of Congress, the lobbyists still hold tremendous power there.  They represent the interests who gave a lot of money to Dem races.

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    He would have been pleased to see Obama elected. It took tremendous courage to risk forcing passage of the Civil Rights Act, as well as a lot of political capital.  

    LBJ wasn't perfect, but he did have courage and vision and knew how to twist arms to get things done.

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    the 21st century epitome of every grifter's dream.

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    and your predictions for this election seem pretty realistic.

    I'm a little more optimistic - Franken will win MN, giving Dems 60 in the senate.

    The economy is just too scary for many voters to keep Republics in power. News today of dropping auto sales, Circuit City store closings, etc. are putting fear into many who would usually vote for the status quo.

    There may not be much initial progress if Obama wins and Dems gain control of the senate.  It's going to take the current Congressional leadership a while to get used to leading and overcome their fear.  

    Have fun guys!

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    The PUMA movement was mostly engineered by the GOP to take advantage of the divisive Dem primary.

    The sites you speak of are controlled by GOP sock puppets.  Continuing to keep the non-controversy alive only works to hurt Dem party unity.

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    I hope they're wrong about Dems controlling the Senate.  

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    The BOE is cancelling our absentee ballot.  My office is 1 block away from my polling place, I'd prefer to vote in person anyway.

    The vote by mail stuff was oversold, I shouldn't have sent off for the ballot. My bad.

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    will be working to build a ticket for local elections then raising money for them to run.  We're in a heavily GOP area and always trying to get people on city council. It would be nice to have a Dem mayor - the one we have now was McCain's regional campaign manager.

    I'm sorry if my comments offended you, they weren't intended that way. I'm trying to encourage those new to political activism to get involved at all levels of the political process. You're more than welcome to be part of our meetings.

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    Just curious.  Its something I sometimes wonder about the "hyper-enthusiastic" Obama supporters. It sure would have been nice to have you all around back then. Where were you?

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    I'm going to give it a try.  Its become almost unbearable both here and at the office.  

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    All the folks who normally don't get involved in politics come out in droves to volunteer. Combine them with staff the campaigns ship in from out of state and it gets pretty chaotic.  

    Its easier to work on the local races, more focused campaigns, experienced workers, not so crazy.

    As for apologies from the Obama supporters, puhleeze. I don't expect it, don't need it. The folks who made those accusations are young, inexperienced and easily duped by GOP disruptors who helped get that ball rolling.  No doubt most regret it by now and those who don't probably have a lot of other issues.  Life is too short to worry about it.  

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    Using an anti-feminist frame against Palin helps put her down, but it certainly has a chilling effect on the way we regard good Dem women who run for public office.

    Criticize Palin, but don't do it using anti-feminist rhetoric. Thanks.

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    The local woman running the Obama field campaign in my area knocked on my door today to bother me again about early voting.

    When I expressed surprise that they were canvassing my neighborhood today and that I would have gladly helped, she seemed surprised that no one had called to ask for help.  They assumed I was helping another local candidate's campaign.

    When asked what I was doing on election day, I told them when I didn't hear back from the Obama, I volunteered to help another Dem candidate at polling places across the county on election day.  Oy.  

    Early voting has been a mess. The envelope we were to use for sending in our ballots was misprinted and I opted to not spend 2 hrs in line at the county BOE to file my ballot in person. Hubby and I are having our absentee ballots cancelled at the BOE and are going to vote in person on election day.  If its a provisional ballot, so be it.  

    The local Obama lady was incredibly PO'ed  at me when I told her of the problem. She said I should go stand in line at the BOE all afternoon rather than risk a provisional ballot.  I told her I'll be happy to vote in person in my town, there's never been a line, I prefer it that way. I was ready to throw her off my property.

    I'm tired of this election. I get 10-20 robo calls a day, at home and at the office and about 30-40 emails.  The local fair weather Dems who turn out to work on presidential campaigns are getting a bit tiresome. Most of those I've encountered are rude, unskilled and condescending. I'll be glad when this election is over and they go back to ignoring politics until the next presidential race. No doubt we won't see them at the local Dem party meetings.

    I've been called a racist for supporting Hillary in the primary and am now lectured by local Obama folks when they screw up their local field effort. I smile at them through clenched teeth and hope I never see them again after Nov. 4.

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    Are they really so out of touch that they saw no problem with Bush and Cheney's financial and personal ties with ME leaders?

    My goodness, these folks are brainwashed.

  • How many more races do Dems plan to lose before they begin to acknowledge this voter demographic, this core part of their base?

    They lucked out on this race with a sinking economy that brought more voters over to their side.  When times are better, they my find themselves losing again if they ignore women voters.

    Perhaps there's something I'm missing here. They can reach out to young voters, minority voters, southern conservative voters, GLBT voters, evangelical voters, but they can't bring themselves to talk about women voters? Does acknowledging women voters and working to persuade that demographic somehow cost them the support of other key voting blocs?  Or are they afraid that giving women more power in the party will cause their collective peckers to shrivel up and fall down their pant leg?


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