• Is there any reason to believe its a good one?

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    It has to be universal AND mandatory

    It has to have a public AND private insurance option available to all

    It has to contain measures to control costs - of both insurance premiums and health care

    Regulation of private insurance would have to be enacted to end provisions for pre-existing conditions, etc.

    Without these, it will fail because it will only result in higher costs both to providers and taxpayers.  Uninsured people cost the system a lot of money.

    The issue of tax credits / rebates, etc. also has an inherent problem.  A recent study showed women who purchase individual insurance plans pay premiums that are 40-50% higher than men, regardless of pre-exisiting conditions.  Tax credits would be of little or no help to them.

    Not all of these are in Obama's health care plan.  Trying to implement reform "incrementally" could result in the same mess as the Wall Street bailout - doing more harm than good.

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    Without the third candidate, she probably would have won.

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    They're still encouraging donations to help with costs related to the recount.  

    Let's send Franken some love!

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    The new voters who came out for Obama didn't bother to vote in down-ticket races. For some, it may have been just the singular focus on Obama, for others, esp those who had to stand in line, they wanted to vote for him and then get out.

    I noticed some hints yesterday when passing out Dem Party sample ballots at polling locations.  A lot of the passionate Obama supporters were focused on him, I had to make a little sales pitch to get them to consider the other Dems on the ballot.

    We'll know more later as the stats come in.

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    Usually against entrenched GOP areas.  Wulsin probably would have beaten Mean Jean if a third candidate hadn't run.  

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    When you get past his wise-cracking, he's so much like Wellstone with that intellect, passion and great midwestern sense of decency, common sense and concern for others.

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    for health care reform and probably some other issues.

    Lobbyists still have a lot of control in DC and corporate interests (private insurance companies, pharma, etc.) have spent a lot of money on Dem races as well as Republicans. Most members of Congress are going to be concerned about keeping donations rolling in and it will affect a number of issues.

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    Coleman's margin of victory was .04, enough to trigger the recount.  Let's hope Franken prevails.

    http://www.bemidjipioneer.com/politics/i ndex.cfm?page=article_bureau&id=4721 2&legislative_tag=1

    What the heck is wrong with Minnesotans?  It used to be a pretty good state with well educated, progressive people.  I had very high hopes for Al and donated a couple of times to his race.  

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    Glad we won a House majority!  I,too, really hoped Dems could do better in the Senate and the down-ticket races.  It will make it difficult to get really good legislation passed. Don't expect to see too many GOP'ers willing to work on a bipartisan basis, at least not on good bills.

    I'm also holding out hope that Clinton takes over for Reid.  He will continue to perform disastrously in that job. With Clinton, there might be hope for getting a good agenda through Congress.

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    Congrats, President-elect Obama!

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    Go away troll.

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    Driehaus is beating Chabot
    Boccieri looks to win Regula's seat
    Kilroy is winning Pryce's

    Mean Jean and Boehner are still ahead in their districts.

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    Fox must be fun to watch tonight.  Just can't bring myself to switch channels, though.

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    So much thanks to Jennifer Bruner for giving us a free and fair election!


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