Ohio SOS web site hacked

It appears the GOP is ramping up their attempts to steal the vote in Ohio and intimidate SOS Jennifer Brunner.

The Ohio SOS web site has been hacked,albeit unsuccessfully.

According to the news reports, there have been a string of "oddities" directed at Brunner's office, including delivery of a suspicious package and threatening phone calls.

I hope the state highway patrol is providing Brunner with extra security these days.

Why does the GOP hate America?  

http://blog.cleveland.com/openers/2008/1 0/security_breach_shuts_secretar.html

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Re: Ohio SOS web site hacked

"Why does the GOP hate America?"

Because that's the place where their ideology finally died.

by the mollusk 2008-10-21 08:40AM | 0 recs


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