WI-Senate Update: GOP shakeout, Thompson out .

Big shakeout this week on the GOP side.

First, Dave Reddick quit the Republicans, and is now running as a Libertarian.

Another GOP candidate, mint farmer Marcus Gumz, my codefendant in a marathon Freedom of Assembly battle after I rented his farm for the Weedstock Festival in 2000, passed away Sunday. I'll be making the visitation Friday.

Tommy Thompson has finally announced he's definitely not running.

This leaves Atty. Robert Gerald Lorge unopposed for now. GOP insiders are begging the off-cycle State Senators to go thru the motions, not finding a taker. Even if they do, the populist Lorge could pull it out, as he did for the Secretary of State nomination over the handpicked candidate 4 years ago.

I'm about halfway to the required 2,000 signatures for the Dem ballot, should be no problem with 3 weeks to go.

Green Rae Vogeler is also on track. Reddick could be in trouble, between his late start, and some longtime Libertarians helping me on this race.

I've contacted Lorge, suggesting a series of "Lincoln/Douglas style debates," unamplified, no time limits, no moderator, on the steps of our historic County Courthouses, commencing shortly after the filing deadline. Herb's welcome to participate, tho not likely, as he's refused any debates since his first race 18 years ago.

My spending to date: $39.54
Cash on hand: $630.46
Today was the best yet for local campaign contributions, 22 donors at $1 apiece.

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