The wife John McCain callously left behind

There are many many many reasons not to vote for John McCain and I don't doubt we will have many occasions to go over them in the next few months as we discuss the issues.

However, many of those who say they would choose McCain over Obama talk about things like "character" or "disrespect" as a justification.

Today, the Mail on Sunday, a British newspaper, publishes a story we unfortunately will never read in the American press but that would make quite clear what kind of person McCain really is. And how he treats women.

It tells the whole story of Carol McCain, John's first wife and for the first time in years, she goes on the record as saying she still stands by him.
The story however is heartbreaking.

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Hillary should do what is best for HER

One of the saddest part about the media frenzy over the ill-adviced but obviously not ill-intentioned remarks about RFK is that it feels and sounds as if the media (and let it be clear that the Obama campaign defended her, even half-heartedly) is intend on hounding her out in the most humiliating of manner.
Someone rather uncharitable told me that she could have avoided that by dropping out when she was asked to. And while I am of the opinion the best timing for dropping out would have been on the high note of her win in IN - a win even though it was then clear her chances were next to non-existent - I find the cynical view that the current pile-on was brought on by her decision to stay in to be rather callous and disgusting.
What staying in the race accomplished at the very least was a clear shift of the rhetoric from the Obama campaign who can now afford to be conciliatory and respectful and friendly. Hopefully that will help in the long term - better than if she had dropped out in the middle of the rancor.

One thing this brouhaha points out though that for all the opinions over whether she should stay or go, noone - NOONE - is thinking of HER.

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Misogyny and bias: a provocative question

I have a genuine question related to the rationale behind some claims often made on this site.

If Hillary Clinton is losing to a no-good lame much inferior lightweight candidate now because of the relentless media bias against her and the misogyny of the elites and part of the voters, what exactly would change between now and November that would make her more electable against another much inferior male candidate who is also a media darling ?

No snark. No insults to each other.
Floor is yours.

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