• Not to sound petty but I seriously doubt Bill Clinton is the one who picked the timing.

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    For the record, it wont be Hutchinson. He hates her guts which anyone who knows anything about the Senate knows.
    As Marc Ambinder said, "He would rather join a gay rodeo than run with her".
    Can't be any clearer.

    On the other hand, McCain said Romney would be at the even on Sunday and at the one in PA Friday night.
    If he is not the pick that would be kinda cruel to have him present at every stop of the rollout

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    The new VP has events planned on Saturday, it was announced.
    As a devout Jew, Lieberman does not travel on Saturdays (he didn't in 2000).
    So it is most likely not him.
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    Unfortunately not everyone is over the primaries.
    Jerome went to tell a POlitico journalist "Obama is the worst nominee the Democrats have put up in the last few decades" only two days ago.

    So obviously, as Hillary and Bill act like fantastic mature and gracious grown-ups, some people cAn't let it go,.

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    It is not going to be easy to convince the media we are united when our own Jerome Armstrong goes to the Politico to tell them "This is the weakest nominee the Democratic Party has put up in over a decade".

    Thanks, buddy. You are totally helping.

  • Hum. Are we still playing that BS story from the primaries noone remembers ?
    Using a same line in a speech when your candidacy strikes the same themes is hardly the same thing as a wholly made up anecdote about a war camp.

    Now I am not sure this is a winner but let's not repeat the BS propaganda from the primaries.

  • Then again he came back from Vietnam around that time too so it would be hard to draw any conclusion from the timeline.

    As I said below, he did publish a very long and personal account of his POW years in the US News and World and he mentioned a lot of personal things, including about religion, but not this anecdote which marked him deeply - supposedly.

    Also, in the 80s he told a story in front of Reagan about being inspired by his faith by a sentence from the Bible he found graved onto the walls of his cells when he arrived there. Sort of contradicts the story of the cross inspiring him.

  • I see enough circumstancial evidence to ask questions.
    I don't see enough evidence to draw any firm conclusions.
    And in doubt, I will respect his word and believe him.
    But there are certainly a long list of details that are ... serendipitous.
  • To answer the question, so far the earlier he ever told the story was in his book in 1999.

    He published a 17-page account of his POW experience in 1973 that referenced many well-known details, anecdotes about religion but this one was curiously missing at the time.

    I am not arguing one way or another but this answers the questions above.

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    Unfortunate that some bloggers seem to take up some of the worst traits of the pundits in terms of naivety and overanalyzing.

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    I am surprised to see how everybody discounts Sebelius.
    The fact she gets so little coverage is a plus in the Obama campaign mind. Remember No Drama Obama ?
    Sebelius is as discreet and on-message as can be.

    And frankly how would the claim picking another woman is an insult to Hillary be sustained over more than 24h without the logical fallacy of them becoming obvious to everyone ?

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    No need to overanalyse. The housing loan story makes Chris Dodd a poor surrogate this cycle. Unfortunate but that's the way it works.

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    With all due respect to Jerome, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if the VP name was well-known in so many circles that it made its way to the DNC it would have been leaked by now.
    Anybody who follows politics knows the only people deciding this is Obama and a very tight circle of advisors and in all likelihood he wont make a final decision until he returns this weekend.
    It is silly to think he would telegraph his short list so far in advance and transparently and it is it is naive to think a campaign would not go out of its way to "play games" with the media to make the name a surprise and it is ... strange to think it would be hard to replace a speaker at the Democratic convention with another one if the VP was already scheduled. I am sure they would have TONS of trouble finding people willing to speak, right ?

    So no. There are no signs to be read into that scheduling and Jerome who has been around for a long time should know better.

  • No, Obama does not NEED Ohio. But he will compete in it because he WANTS to win it.
    Winning two of the Southwestern states and VA would be enough to compensate for OH for example. And either scenario is as likely or unlikely depending on your perspective.
  • You have no way to argue one way or another about VA, as of right now. Polls show it to be a toss=up and considering Obama's prowesses with turnout and the current climate I would argue a toss-up in polls means an Election Day win.
    Now, November is a long way ahead but VA is very very much in play.
    And MA is also a toss-up right now - and remember Obama has only just started campaigning there. I really don't see why you think he is unlikely to win it.


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