The Northeast - Continuing the realignment in 2010?

That the Northeast has been trending blue in recent cycles is self evidently true. Will it continue in 2010?

Below the fold for all the details and hey go check out the <a href="">2010 Race Tracker Wiki over at Open Congress</a> for all your House, Senate and Gubernatorial needs.

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Whilst current polls don't look too good for incumbent Democrats across the Northeast I believe that we have hit the bottom. Now that Health Care reform is done I believe that the polls will rebound for Democrats, particularly in the Northeast.

Thus it is my contention that despite the current challenging environment the Northeast will continue its long term move towards the Democratic Party, despite a sure to be spiteful debate on cap and trade and despite an economic outlook that is improving in fits and starts.

The US <a href="">Census</a> defines the Northeast region as including 9 states as follows: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. And aggregating across all 9 states the lay of the land looks like this:

States that voted for Obama: 9/9
Governors: 5/9
US Senators: 15/18 (Counting Sanders and Leiberman as Dems)
House Districts: 69/83
State Senates: 8/9
State Houses: 9/9
Where I think a race is a safe Democratic hold I won't be saying anything about it.

Going state by state then:
Gubernatorial - With GOP Gov Jodi Rell not running again it is very likely to be a Dem pickup.
US Senate - Both Dems. If Dodd runs he may lose for any other Dem it is a safe hold.
US House - All Dem, all Safe (including Himes in the 4th.)
State Senate - 24D/12R - Safe
State House - 114D/37R - Safe

Gubernatorial - Whilst it seems that half of Maine is running for the open Gubernatorial mansion I believe that the Democratic nature of the state will lead to a Democratic retention.
US Senate - Both Repubs! Not on ballot in 2010
US House - All Dem, all Safe
State Senate - 20D/15R - Safe (Margin is growing).
State House - 95D/55R - Safe

Massachusetts -
Gubernatorial - Whilst Deval Patrick really hasn't set the world on fire the 2nd tier nature of his potential opponents should see him safely re-elected.
US Senate - Both Dems (at least after the upcoming special election.)
US House - All Dem, all Safe
State Senate - 35D/5R - Safe
State House - 144D/16R - Safe

New Hampshire
Gubernatorial - Safe Dem
US Senate - definitely a race to watch. I will be stunned if Hodes loses here. Hodes has almost $1 million dollars COH and there is a divisive GOP primary in the offing also. New Hampshire, whilst less Blue than almost all of the other states in the North East, is not going to elect a Republican as US Senator in 2010.
US House -
NH-01 - There has been a lot of focus on both of the New Hampshire congressional races. I don't get it to be honest - Shea Porter will win, not by much but she will win.
NH-02 - Again a lot of focus here including a lot of hand wringing about how vulnerable it is to switch. Not gonna happen folks. Gore, Kerry and Obama all won this district - Obama by 13 points - and we have a quality field of candidates  running AND a divisive GOP Primary. Lead Dem Ann McLane Kuster has 250K COH as at the end of September.
State Senate - 14/10 - No change in 2008 really locks in our 2006 gains. If this one flips it will be a bad night for us.
State House - 223D/176R - Safe

New Jersey
Gubernatorial - Repub - Not on ballot in 2010
US Senate - Both Dems
US House -
NJ-02 - If State Senator Jeff Van Drew finally steps up and runs this race becomes very competitive. Hopefully he won't wait until 2012. If State Sen Jim Whelan runs it could also get competitive in this district that Obama won 54/45 and that Bush won by less than 1% in 2004.
NJ-03 - Adler is safe.
NJ-04 - Gore carried this district and Obama lost 47/52 so a good candidate here is a must to get it on the radar instead of the second tier candidates we have run thus far.
NJ-05 - Unlikely to be on the radar in 2010.
NJ-07 - This district is winnable particularly with a freshman GOP incumbent. Obama carried it 51/48 also. Surprising then that there is no declared Dem candidate yet. Potentially a top tier race that will probably be a big miss for the DCCC.
NJ-11 - The safest GOP district in NJ and a rarity in the Northeast, (outside Pennsylvania,) a generically safe GOP district. Short of a fantastic candidate this one won't be on the radar.
State Senate - Up in 2011
State House - Up in 2011

New York
Gubernatorial - Safe for Cuomo.
US Senate - Gillibrand will get over the line against 3rd tier opponents and Schumer is Safe too.
US House -
NY-03 - Unless Suozzi or another top tier candidate emerges then this will be a big miss for the DCCC.
NY-13 - McMahon is safe.
NY-20 - Murphy will prevail - bet on it. He had almost 1 Mill COH at the end of September!
NY-23 - One of two really competitive races in Dem held districts in NY. I think Owens will prevail, especially against Hoffman.
NY-24 - After a scare in 2008 Arcuri will be safe.
NY-25 - Maffei is safe.
NY-26 - Unless a good candidate pops up this will be a big miss for the DCCC.
NY-29 - Massa has his work cut out for him - that's for sure. But for me Massa by a nose. Why? When was the last time the NY GOP won a District off us? Massa's 500K COH as at end of September will help too.
State Senate - 32D/30R - A chamber to watch - big time. I expect us to hang onto or increase our majority.
State House - 109D/41R - Safe

Gubernatorial - A real worry this one could flip.
US Senate - 2 Dems - Whoever emerges from the Dem primary will beat Toomey. The good folk of Pennsylvania wouldn't be crazy enough to sent Toomey to the US Senate would they?
US House -
PA-03 - Dahlkemper will have her work cut out to win this District that Obama JUST lost. Race to watch.
PA-04 - Altmire will be safe.
PA-05 - This central Pennsylvania district will not be on the radar unless we have an ultra conservative candidate. One of 4 super safe districts in the state for the Republicans.
PA-06 - Generic Dem beats generic Rep - Period. Doug Pike's massive COH advantage (largely self funded) of 750K as at end of September should help him pull this one out.  
PA-07 - Not quite sure why so many people are predicting this will flip. Top tier candidates for both parties makes for a tough race but this district was won by Gore, Kerry and Obama. Add in a competitive GOP Primary and it is Dem for me.
PA-09 - One of 4 super safe districts in the state for the Republicans. This central Pennsylvania district will not be on the radar unless we have an ultra conservative candidate. Yep just like PA-05.
PA-11 - Against Lou Barletta Kanjorski will be fine. Tough part of Pennsylvania for Democrats though.
PA-12 - Murtha is vulnerable but i expect him to survive (just).
PA-15 - Like PA-06 Obama carried every county in this one and yep it is also one of only 5 won by Kerry that is occupied by a GOP House Rep. Dem Callahan is a top tier challenger and is fundraising like one (325K COH as at end of Spetember).
PA-16 - Another super safe district for the GOP. Like the 5th and 9th unlikely to be a priority.
PA-18 - In theory could be vaguely competitive in 2010 (Bush only got 54% here in 2004) but unlikely given the low hanging fruit in the 6th and 15th.
PA-19 - Another super safe district for the GOP. Like the 5th, 6th and 16th unlikely to be a priority in 2010, unless Todd Platts lands the Government job he is chasing. Even then unlikely to be competitive.
State Senate - 20D/30R - Safe GOP
State House - 104D/99R - Definitely a chamber to watch.

Rhode Island
Gubernatorial - GOP Gov Don Carcieri is term limited so either a Dem or former Repub Sen now Indy Lincoln Chaffee will be elected. The GOP bench here is terrible.
US Senate - Both Dems
US House - All Dem, all Safe
State Senate - 35D/5R Safe
State House - 69D/6R Safe

Gubernatorial - With GOP Gov Douglas not running the GOP have scored their best possible candidate in Lt Gov Brian Dubie; who will lose to a Dem (unless the Progressive Party act as a spoiler).
US Senate - Both Dems
US House - All Dem, all Safe
State Senate - 28D/7R Safe
State House - 95D/48R Safe

So with 10 months until election day it is off to the races!
What do you think?

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