413 House races have Democratic candidates

Candidate filing is sailing along with lots of states now having completed candidate filings and others with a full slate of democratic House candidate long before filings close.

Below the fold for details and once again go and take a look at the 2008 Race Tracker Wiki.  
**I have included Cook PVI numbers where possible after blogger requests to do so!**

Lots of House races now have Democratic candidates that have bobbed up in the last few weeks:
FL-06 - R+8,
GA-06 - R+?,
MI-08 - R+1.9,
NJ-02 - D+4.0,
VA-01 - R+9,
WA-05 - R+7.1,

So 413 races filled! This of course includes 234 districts held by Democratic Congresscritters.

But we also have 179 GOP held districts with confirmed Democratic opponents.

So here is where we are at (GOP Districts):
Districts with confirmed candidates - 179
Districts with unconfirmed candidates - 0
Districts with rumoured candidates - 5
Districts without any candidates - 6
Filing closed - No Democratic candidate - 11

The GOP held districts with confirmed Democratic challengers are as follows:
AL-01 - R+12,
AL-02 - R+13,
AL-03 - R+4,
AL-04 - R+16,
AK-AL - R+14,
AZ-01 - R+2,
AZ-02 - R+9,
AZ-03 - R+6,
AZ-06 - R+12,
CA-02 - R+13,
CA-03 - R+7,
CA-04 - R+11,
CA-21 - R+13,
CA-24 - R+5,
CA-25 - R+7,
CA-26 - R+4,
CA-40 - R+8,
CA-41 - R+9,
CA-42 - R+10,
CA-44 - R+6,
CA-45 - R+3,
CA-46 - R+6,
CA-48 - R+8,
CA-49 - R+10,
CA-50 - R+5,
CA-52 - R+9,
CO-04 - R+9,
CO-05 - R+15.7,
CO-06 - R+10,
CT-04 - D+5,
DE-AL - D+7,
FL-01 - R+19,
FL-04 - R+16,
FL-05 - R+5,
FL-06 - R+8,
FL-07 - R+3,
FL-08 - R+3,
FL-09 - R+4,
FL-10 - D+1,
FL-12 - R+5,
FL-13 - R+4,
FL-14 - R+10,
FL-15 - R+4,
FL-18 - R+4,
FL-21 - R+6,
FL-24 - R+3,
FL-25 - R+4,
GA-01 - R+?,
GA-06 - R+?,
GA-07 - R+?,
GA-09 - R+?,
GA-10 - R+?,
GA-11 - R+?,
ID-01 - R+19,
ID-02 - R+19,
IL-06 - R+2.9,
IL-10 - D+4,
IL-11 - R+1.1,
IL-13 - R+5,
IL-15 - R+6,
IL-16 - R+4,
IL-18 - R+5.5,
IL-19 - R+8,
IN-03 - R+16,
IN-04 - R+17,
IN-05 - R+20,
IN-06 - R+11,
IA-04 - D+0,
IA-05 - R+8,
KS-01 - R+20,
KS-04 - R+12,
KY-01 - R+10,
KY-02 - R+12.9,
KY-04 - R+11.7,
LA-01 - R+18,
LA-04 - R+7,
LA-06 - R+7,
MD-01 - R+10,
MD-06 - R+13,
MI-02 - R+9,
MI-04 - R+3,
MI-07 - R+2,
MI-08 - R+1.9,
MI-09 - R+0,
MI-11 - R+1.2,
MN-02 - R+2.7,
MN-03 - R+0.5,
MN-06 - R+5,
MO-02 - R+9,
MO-06 - R+5,
MO-07 - R+14,
MO-08 - R+11,
MO-09 - R+7,
MS-01 - R+10,
MS-03 - R+14,
MT-AL - R+11,
NE-01 - R+11,
NE-02 - R+9,
NE-03 - R+23.6,
NV-02 - R+8.2,
NV-03 - D+1,
NJ-02 - D+4.0,
NJ-03 - D+3.3,
NJ-04 - R+0.9,
NJ-05 - R+4,
NJ-07 - R+1,
NJ-11 - R+6,
NM-01 - D+2,
NM-02 - R+6,
NY-13 - D+1,
NY-23 - R+0.2,
NY-25 - D+3,
NY-26 - R+3,
NY-29 - R+5,
NC-03 - R+15,
NC-05 - R+15,
NC-06 - R+17,
NC-08 - R+3,
NC-09 - R+12,
NC-10 - R+15,
OH-01 - R+1,
OH-02 - R+13,
OH-03 - R+3,
OH-04 - R+14,
OH-05 - R+10,
OH-07 - R+6,
OH-08 - R+12,
OH-12 - R+0.7,
OH-14 - R+2,
OH-15 - R+1,
OH-16 - R+4,
OK-05 - R+12,
OR-02 - R+11,
PA-03 - R+2,
PA-05 - R+10,
PA-06 - D+2.2,
PA-09 - R+15,
PA-15 - D+2,
PA-16 - R+11,
PA-18 - R+2,
PA-19 - R+12,
SC-01 - R+10,
SC-02 - R+9,
SC-03 - R+14,
SC-04 - R+15,
TN-01 - R+14,
TN-02 - R+11,
TN-03 - R+8,
TN-07 - R+12,
TX-03 - R+17,
TX-04 - R+17,
TX-06 - R+15,
TX-07 - R+16,
TX-08 - R+20,
TX-10 - R+13,
TX-12 - R+14,
TX-13 - R+18,
TX-19 - R+25,
TX-24 - R+15,
TX-26 - R+12,
TX-31 - R+15,
TX-32 - R+11,
UT-01 - R+26,
UT-03 - R+22,
VA-01 - R+9,
VA-02 - R+5.9,
VA-04 - R+5,
VA-05 - R+6,
VA-06 - R+11,
VA-07 - R+11,
VA-10 - R+5,
VA-11 - R+1,
WA-04 - R+13,
WA-05 - R+7.1,
WA-08 - D+2,
WV-02 - R+5,
WI-01 - R+2,
WI-06 - R+5,
WY-AL - R+19,

The following GOP held districts have a candidate that is expected to run but is yet to confirm:
None at this stage

The following GOP held districts have rumoured candidates - please note that some of these "rumours" are extremely tenuous!
GA-03 - R+?,
LA-07 - R+7,
NY-03 - D+2.1,
OK-03 - R+18,
OK-04 - R+13,

The following districts have not a single rumoured candidate:
LA-05 - R+10,
MI-03 - R+9,
MI-06 - R+2.3,
MI-10 - R+4,
OK-01 - R+13,
WI-05 - R+12,

And last but not least the list I did not want to have to include.
The following Republicans will not have a Democratic opponent in 2008:
AL-06 - R+25,
AR-03 - R+11,
CA-19 - R+10,
CA-22 - R+16,
KY-05 - R+8
TX-01 - R+17,
TX-02 - R+12,
TX-05 - R+16,
TX-11 - R+25,
TX-14 - R+14,
TX-21 - R+13,

Finally due praise to those states where we have a full slate of house candidates - Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennesee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.

It is also interesting to note that we have only one race left to fill in Georgia, New York and Wisconsin. Thats 39 states with a full slate, and 3 states with one race to fill!  

There are also 5 states where filing has closed where we do not have a full slate: Arkansas, Alabama, California, Kentucky and of course Texas. Lets hope the last 3 Louisiana, Michigan and Oklahoma fill out.

Please note that in some races others at the racetracker site have confirmed candidates that I haven't. This is because to satisfy me a confirmed candidate has either filed with the FEC, The Sec of State or has an active campaign website, or even if they come and blog and say yep I am running. Others are not so rigorous.

It is also great to see candidates in AZ-06, CA-42, FL-12, LA-06, MS-03, VA-04, VA-06 and WI-06; 8 of 10 districts we did not contest in 2006! The other 2, TX-11 and AL-06, will again go uncontested by Team Blue in 2008.

With 11 uncontested Republicans we will not reach our great 2006 effort of 425 races filled but we will do really well nonetheless.

* Tips, rumours and what not in the comments please.*

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Re: 413 House races have Democratic candidates

Not many left to fill now.

by BENAWU 2008-04-19 01:52AM | 0 recs
Re: 413 House races have Democratic candidates

Great diary. Thanks for the information, and all the hard work gathering it and putting in the links.

This is going to sound like a really stupid question, but are there really going to be US House Districts in which we don't even run a Democratic candidate? How can that be? I realize that some districts are so "safe" for the GOP that no Dem. candidate could possibly win, but isn't there at least one state legislator, local or county official, ambitious Congressional staffer, party official, or even just some amateur, who would want to run to get the experience and exposure that might help them in a future race And why don't the State, County and/or local Democratic party organizations dig up some such candidate?

Sorry to sound so stupid and thanks again for the diary.

by freemansfarm 2008-04-19 05:21AM | 0 recs
Re: 413 House races have Democratic candidates

Perfectly reasonable question.

Yep in those 11 districts there won't be a dem on the ballot. In 2006 we ran in only 425 btw. The texas situation is particularly frustrating but we had candidates at one stage in all six of those districts as well as in KY-05, CA-19 and AR-03, In fact the only one of the 11 where there hasn't been a candidate in the offing is AL-06 for the 2nd election in a row.

by BENAWU 2008-04-19 05:29AM | 0 recs
Re: 413 House races have Democratic candidates

I have a Dahlkemper lawn sign! Met her a few times, very hard working, down to earth.  We have a wealth of candidates vying for English's seat- o happy day! All committed to the working class people of NW PA.

by ProudMilitaryMom 2008-04-19 05:26AM | 0 recs
Re: 413 House races have Democratic candidates

It will be an interesting primary in the 3rd on Tuesday at any rate. English is vulnerable.

by BENAWU 2008-04-19 05:30AM | 0 recs
I'm with freemansform

Seems like the party should put it to the netroots to scare up some candidates for the empty slots IMO.  We can find 'em, we can fund 'em and we can get out the vote.

Just sayin'

by GFORD 2008-04-19 06:54AM | 0 recs
Re: 413 House races have Democratic candidates

And I agree with both of you which is why i do these diaries. The Texas effort was particularly poor and the candidate in AR-03 withdrew because the party wouldn't help him out with the filing fee - hopeless.

by BENAWU 2008-04-19 07:13AM | 0 recs
My state

has a full slate, me might go all blue in the fall.  Kline and Bachmann will be tough to knock off though.

by Student Guy 2008-04-19 08:03AM | 0 recs
Re: My state

There was a great buzz around Sarvi when he announced for the 2nd but it has gone quiet since. How likely is he to win?

by BENAWU 2008-04-19 02:21PM | 0 recs
I am not from there

I am from MN-7 originally and now go to school in MN-5, but if his fundraising picks up he has a 33% chance I'd say.  Kline is regarded as semi worthless and he doesn't do much outreach (preferring the tele-town hall).  But his fundraising is really poor so if his fundraising rate continues like this I'd say 10%

by Student Guy 2008-04-19 03:58PM | 0 recs
Oh, and I am going to promote this
in my diary rescue tonight.
It is a good piece.
by Student Guy 2008-04-19 03:59PM | 0 recs
Re: 413 House races have Democratic candidates

Yours is a;ways among my very favorite of posts.  I thank you so much for doing this hard work that provides great info and I feel actually stimulates the party into action regarding the filling of more races than we would if not for your vigilance!

by politics64 2008-04-19 08:21AM | 0 recs
Re: 413 House races have Democratic candidates

Thank you glad you like the diaries.

by BENAWU 2008-04-19 02:23PM | 0 recs
Excellent! Good chances for more pickups this year

by RLMcCauley 2008-04-19 09:15AM | 0 recs
Re: Excellent! Good chances for

Yes indeedy great chances for pickups. NY-25, VA-11 and IL-11 are almost certs and we will run really well in at least 30 districts.

by BENAWU 2008-04-19 02:25PM | 0 recs
I wish we had a serious candidate in OR-02, the

sole Republican-held Congressional district of the 5 in Oregon, because Greg Walden is almost certainly going to run for Governor next time and it would have been helpful to have had someone make him actually spend some of his money instead of just being able to accumulate a warchest that he can then transfer.

If for nothing else, making the Republicans spend some of their money is reason enough to contest every seat.

by verasoie 2008-04-19 09:36AM | 0 recs
Re: I wish we had

Agreed completely but alas it didn't happen. Mind you it is a very red state district drawn to elect a Repub but it would have been nice to keep him pinned down nonetheless.

by BENAWU 2008-04-19 03:15PM | 0 recs


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