Karl Rove Proposes a Solution to the Michigan/Florida Impasse

Just a quick diary this morning.  Karl Rove doubtless is the father of lies, but he has proposed an interesting solution to the Democratic impasse over the status of the delegates from Florida and Michigan.

Taegan Goddard at CQ Politics has his suggestion.  Rove suggests that Obama should be magnanimous, recognize that Hillary will gain on his lead, but demonstrate to superdelegates his capacity for leadership, and give the delegates as currently constituted from January's elections their seats at the convention.  

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What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

Update: Ambinder now writes, "Update: Turns out that the culprit is the Texas Democratic Party. The delegate lists they forwarded to the campaigns contain many errors on them, so Clinton delegates are receiving Obama mail and Obama delegates are recieving (sic) Clinton mail. Indeed, it wouldn't make much sense for Obama to remind Clinton delegates when the conventions are." I communicated with a contact of mine who is very familiar with the shenanigans in the process in Texas, and he's not convinced that Ambinder's read is entirely correct. You will recall the things that came out at the time of the primary and caucus in Texas, like how Senator Obama's people were grabbing sign in sheets early. My original diary commences here:

I have read a lot of complaints about Hillary's observation the other day in Philadelphia, "Pledged delegates in most states are not pledged. You know, there is no requirement that anybody vote for anybody." A lot of people who support Mr. Obama took exception to a frankly true observation.

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Some of you might have caught Alegre's write-up of last night's debate, where Hillary showed us just how passionate she is about continuing to serve her country as our next Commander in Chief, and of how ready she is to lead.  Toward the end she used a very common phrase - whatever happens, we're going to be fine.

Now come on... admit it - you've used that sort of phrase when trying to reassure a loved one, friend or colleague during a tough patch right?  It's not like John Edwards is the only person who's used language like this before.

And yet in their desperation to negate Hillary's amazing closing comments in the debate last night, they're doing exactly what they've accused Hillary of doing - finger-pointing over what they're calling plagiarism.  Thing is... there's no there there.

Hillary's campaign just released something that points out just how common this phrase is in our lexicon.  As Alegre likes to say, "Make the jump for more."

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Politico Story on Pledged Delegates Is Inaccurate

People have their dander up about this story from Politico that says that Hillary will fight for Obama's pledged delegates in the event neither candidate has obtained a sufficient number of delegates to receive the nomination.

A Clinton campaign spokesperson has said the story is false.

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Clinton, Obama, and Superdelegates

On February 6, Barack Obama made the following observation:

I think those superdelegates and elected officials and party insiders would have to think long and hoard about how they approach the nomination if the people they represent have said that Obama is our guy

Let me heartily concur with the Senator's sentiments on that matter.

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Hillary Moves More than Half Way to the Prize

There's been a lot of smoke from the Obama campaign about how well Barack Obama did in "besting" Hillary in delegates on Super Tuesday, but truth always gets its day:

Delegates Won on Super Tuesday

Clinton 784
Obama 758

I learned fairly early in an excessively long education that 784 is greater than 758 by 30.  Let's put it plainly, Hillary won 30 more delegates than Obama.  (I do appreciate the breathtaking significance of Alaska, Utah, and Kansas, but I grew up in California and went to school in New York, so you can understand my bias about their importance.)

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Obama's Most Amusing Super Tuesday Wins

I have been amused by all the excitement about Barack Obama's red state wins in a number of states.  Making the claim that he carried these states as though somehow the weight of his victories in those places offset his defeats in California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts would offend reason were they not just so damnably amusing.  Let's look at the numbers on these great victories being touted across the web today.


Obama 16,880
Clinton, 3,655
Edwards 137

That's right, 20,672 Democrats in Idaho(to put this in perspective, 23,000 men died or were wounded at the Battle of Antietam on just one single day in September 1862.)

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Some observations about the race

I used my blogger identity to wiggle my way into a conference call with some Clinton campaign officials a little while ago; bloggers do this all the time, and I happened to get wind of the call this afternoon.  Mark Penn and Howard Wolfson made certain points to representatives of the media on this eve of Super Tuesday, and I would like to throw out a few observations that impressed about where the race will be on Wednesday and where it will go thereafter.  First of all, here is Penn's and Wolfson's very good news for my fellow Hillary supporters:

1. Though clearly we all are aware now that February 5 will not decide the race, Penn and Wolfson are very confident that when we wake up on February 6, Hillary will have a lead in the race for delegates.

More of their thoughts in the extended entry.

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Hillary Wins Florida, and She Wins Big!

Cross-posted at Daily Kos

The Florida primary is now history, and it appears that twice as many Democrats turned out in 2008 than 2004. What did they tell us and how loudly did they say it?  Any analysis tells us that Florida Democrats wants Hillary Clinton to be the nominee, and they said it with persuasiveness loudness.

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Hillary Wins Michigan!

I think there is a seriously important thing to keep in mind about Michigan.  Even though the Democratic race was not contested (and might not even count), the number of Democrats who voted was not so far behind the number of Republicans who voted a seriously contested event that does indeed count.

Now, let me suggest why I believe this is really, really important, Hillary received almost as many votes in her non-contest (328,151) as Mitt received in his real contest (337,847).  That is good news for Democrats.  We don't even have to throw a "real event," and people are showing up in numbers on a par with the Republicans.

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