Chicago Tribune Endorses Its First Democrat for President

The Chicago Tribune first published an edition in the 1840s.  From that time, it had never before endorsed a Democrat for president.  Today, it broke that tradition with its endorsement of Barack Obama.  

Observes The Chicago Tribune:

Many Americans say they're uneasy about Obama. He's pretty new to them.

We can provide some assurance. We have known Obama since he entered politics a dozen years ago. We have watched him, worked with him, argued with him as he rose from an effective state senator to an inspiring U.S. senator to the Democratic Party's nominee for president.

We have tremendous confidence in his intellectual rigor, his moral compass and his ability to make sound, thoughtful, careful decisions. He is ready.

Aside from their conviction that Obama will bring pragmatic leadership to the nation, the article indicts McCain's failure to select a serious vice presidential candidate.

Wow, a Republican paper with a long tradition of fidelity to Republican principles both vouches for the Democratic nominee and castigates the Republican one.  We live in an amazing time.

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Re: Chicago Tribune Endorses Its First Democrat

I'm mildly surprised - yeah, yeah - they've never endorsed a Democrat, yada yada... but they did write an editorial way back in 2006 encouraging Obama to jump in the race.

Still - I figured when the chips were down, they'd wuss out and do some sort non-endorsement endorsement (i.e., both or no one).

by zonk 2008-10-17 12:04PM | 0 recs


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