How can she best help Obama?

If Clinton wants to be the most effective supporter of her party's nominee she can be, she needs to endorse him with as little delay as possible.   In the interim, it is not helpful for her to make reference to anything she perceives to be a strength as a nominee over him.  

Her references last night to having more of the popular vote than him, to having people believe she would be the better nominee and president on day one, these statements are counterproductive in her goal of advocating for her party's success.  

She does need to honor her supporters and those who voted for her.  She does need to thank them and cherish what they accomplished.  If she wants her supporters to coalesce around Obama - and there is no more concrete way that she could unify the party - then she needs to make it clear to her supporters as soon as she can that she has no intention of challenging him, that he has her full support.

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