• It is time for the AP to be held to account.

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    I agree that Clinton is a great vehicle for opening the attacks wide open.  She should really take it to him.

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    I am from Iowa, and I think Obama has us buttoned up.  As a moderate who has been both a Republican and now a Democrat, I thought Leech was a fantastic reach to the independents and Republicans on the fence.  

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    I though this was a fantastic night.  I am really surprised by the negative reactions to this night.  They didn't get nasty with McCain, but they contrasted with him repeatedly in nearly every speech.  Maybe they didn't hit him in prime time, but they have time for that.  

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    What do you think of Redstate's blogger friends doing math refuting Obama?  Do we have those experts lined up to back this up?  I'd like to see this meme end with Obama solidly on top.

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    I have never claimed to be anything other than a centrist.  I believe I am part of the middle that every presidential candidate hopes to gain as they seek election.

    I whole heartedly support Obama's return to the middle.  As he fought with Hillary, I watched him drift farther to the left, away from where he was when heard him speak and shook his hand several times here in Iowa.  

    I am fascinated by his intent to support and strengthen faith based initiatives.  I think his last two commercials have been solid.  I look forward to Obama blossoming as a post-primary candidate, and a post-partisan president.  

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    I do not know what she wants, but I am in agreement with you that her praise has been too faint.  I hope she quickly becomes more enthusiastic in her support of Obama.  

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    How much praise do you think is needed to help her supporters prepare emotionally for her endorsement?

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    Setting aside the question of the VP slot, which likely will not be decided for months, in the near term, do you see anything she can do to support him other than conceding?

  • You are clearly experiencing a lot of loss.  I hope that you find solace in the midst of your grieving.

  • the whole "Clintons will galvanize the Right" nonsense is old and ridiculous.  

    I disagree.  It is possible that Clinton at the bottom of the ticket would fail to raise the money and votes for McCain that she most definitely would at the top of the ticket.  I have not seen anything in the conservative press.  They are finding things they don't like about him.  There is nothing like the gut level ire they have against Hillary Clinton.  Their hatred of her does not come from their hatred of him.  They hate her as an independent figure.  

    BTW, I agree sexism is real.  So is destructive ambition.

  • Not only is it attaching Hillary's divisiveness to his ticket, it directly diminishes his core message of hope through a new brand of politics.  That hope is leveraged on Obama's integrity.  

    but the benefits that would accrue to the ticket overall would far outweigh any thematic incongruence.
     This, Todd, seems to be written by someone who has no appreciation for (perhaps no belief in?) Obama's integrity.

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    It's tough to let this Obama-Patrick speak-same duo go

    I don't know why you find this so hard to let go.  I yawned at the first headline.  


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