Women Fired For Attending Immigration Protests

Many around here have asked, how can I show solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of immigrants that marched across the country over the last few weeks?

Well, here's something you can do without leaving the comfort your home: stand up for the 15 women that were fired for attending the marches.

A manager at a Detroit meatpacking plant said Monday that 15 immigrant women were fired last month after attending a protest for immigrant rights.


[A]bout 20 union officials went Monday to Wolverine Packing Co. offices on Rivard to inquire about what happened.


[A]s Wolverine knows, the workers were documented, but an employment agency does the actual hiring. He said the workers had been told, "written and verbally," on the Friday before the protests that their attendance was mandatory on the day of the protest.

They were fired "for standing up for their rights."

The fired workers were natives of Mexico and many had worked at the plant for several years. Most have children and are worried about supporting their families, Herrada said.

The contact information for the meat packing plant is here:

Wolverine Packing
2535 Rivard
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 259-7500

More info on the meat packing plant here:
http://www.hoovers.com/wolverine-packing --ID__46429--/free-co-factsheet.xhtml

You would think that a $600 million dollars a year business could afford to give these 15 women a day off to participate in our civic process -- but I guess that's asking too much.

I couldn't find any information on the Minuteman Staffing agency that did the direct hiring for the meat packing plant, that's why I can't post contact info.  However, perhaps the people at the Economic Development agency that's mentioned in the full article can direct your inquiries and put you in touch with the right person.  Please contact the Development agency here:

4138 W. Vernor Hwy.
Detroit, MI 48209
Phone: (313) 554-2025
Fax: (313) 554-2242
http://www.nclr.org/content/affiliates/d etail/1153

We're asking people to assimilate themselves... to participate in our democracy and, yet, here's one business, Wolverine Packing, firing workers for being full citizens of this nation.  The least they deserve from us is a call.  

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Where is the outrage?

Employers break the law every single time they hire an illegal. Where is all the outrage for the Employers who break the law?
As far being warned we have an Employee said and Boss said situation here. Of course the Boss would never lie. Just ask our CIA Agents about their Boss. You know the Commander in Lying!!!
by HCLiberal 2006-04-12 09:42PM | 0 recs


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