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    Actually, I believe McCain was perceived to be better in that religion forum with Rick Warren. I think Obama was much superior but many thought McCain did better because of his short, ideological, punchy answers. In that respect, Obama reminds me of Kerry when he answers debate questions. I hope he will focus on less nuance for these debates. I don't think most voters like that (except the ones who are already voting for him).

  • The article made him sound like a complete doofus, but it wasn't really all that bad. There were some positive points. It showed that people like him.

    I don't think I can watch the VP debate. I get nervous thinking about it. I may wait and watch it online later depending on people's comments about it.

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    Soooo, maybe to him Palin really is pretty knowledgeable on foreign policy. Explains a lot.

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    The Swiftboat ads against Kerry were lies. This is the truth and is a legitimate concer he is raising. I don't consider it Swiftboating.

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    Especially since McCain himself is known to have a temper. It's just like Rove to try to turn his own candidate's weakness into the opposing candidate's weakness. All of a sudden it isn't about McCain being angry any more.  Yeah, good point.

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    For you to hear it it has to be reported. It will be reported when he says something outrageous, otherwise the media doesn't care.

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    Yes, but not large losses. Very, very close actually.

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    I live in Ohio and see a steady stream of Obama ads whenever I watch TV.  Some are very good. I think that may be why his numbers are improving here.

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    I think it's good that it's all over the news. Most people know what he means since it's a commonly used phrase. It's free publicity. Lots more people than usual get to hear Obama's pitch about what a scumbag McCain is.

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    It's too obvious what Obama was saying. I think McCain looks desperate by talking about this. Very few people will buy it. The campaign did give a response yesterday and pointed out that McCain had used the same phrase regarding Hillary's health care plan. I say forget it.

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    I saw it but I think that story has been discredited, or at least no one can find any proof.

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    If we can figure that out Obama's team can, too. As a matter of fact just 5 minutes ago I saw an Obama ad that consisted of a portion of one of his speeches and nothing else. It was inspiring and the crowd was cheering. Now that Palin is a celebrity McCain can't do those celebrity ads so He's free to be a celebrity now.  I hope this ad runs a lot.

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    Strange, I tend to remember Hillary Clinton at her best when she speaks truth to power, like when she unabashedly stood up to Bill O'Reilly in defense of true progressive economic policy.

    I remember Hillary at her best when she's trying to win an election for herself. I know she's being gracious but I don't believe her heart is in helping Obama win the presidency.

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    Actually, he is doing that. I've watched videos from 2 Obama speeches where he said something like "you can't just make things up" and they must think you're stupid".  Maybe an ad would be better but at lease I've seen it and it's shown on the news.

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    PBS is the best anyway, IMO.  I think their commentary is reasonable and not too over the top in any direction and not too much of it.


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