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    Marshall is a great candidate who has already won 4 statewide elections. The Sec of State position is not the most high profile job, but Marshall has used it to fight for clean elections and to shed light on lobbyists' activities and financial industry scams.

    In comparison, Cunningham is unknown to most of the state. Cunningham initially said no to running, only to change his mind a few weeks later.

    Female candidates are on a roll in NC recently, from Kay Hagan and Bev Perdue to winning a majority of the Council of State (Sec of State, Treasurer, Auditor, Sec of Labor, Supt of Schools) positions for the first time ever in 2008.

    With Ken Lewis' endorsement, I expect Marshall to win the primary easily and to beat Burr in a close battle in November.





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    would have been a better choice.  He was also Supreme Commander of NATO, and we know he is a Democrat.

  • Not to mention the mountain-top removal process used to get at the coal to begin with.

    Coal is an environmental disaster from start to finish.

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    John Stewart AND Al Franken in the Senate would make C-Span must watch TV.

  • will be tougher on their criminal senator than Alaska has been on Stephens.  Personally, I think Vitter is much safer than Burr, Voinovich, or Gregg.

  • to defend - out of their total of 40 or so. Almost half their delegation will be on the ballot, vs. just over a quarter of the DEMs.

    Advantage, Good Guys.

  • This is a revolving door seat.  It has traded back and forth between the parties every election since 1974 - Burr has done little to endear himself to NC voters:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Uni ted_States_Senators_from_North_Carolina

    Robert B. Morgan, Democratic 1975-1981 lost to East in general election

    John P. East, Republican 1981-1986 death

    James T. Broyhill, Republican 1986 Appointed to remainder of term, lost general election, served until successor qualified

    Terry Sanford, Democratic 1986-1993 lost to Faircloth in general election

    Lauch Faircloth, Republican 1993-1999 lost to Edwards in general election

    John Edwards, Democratic 1999-2005 retired; ran for President

    Richard Burr, Republican 2005 -- incumbent

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    Democrats control both houses of the legislature and the Governor's mansion in NC.  The entire legislature will be up for re-election in 2010, but barring a GOP wave, Dems should retain control of redistricting.

    Dems now hold a 8-5 advantage in the Congressional delegation. The only statewide race in 2010 is for Richard Burr's senate seat, so the incumbent House members will likely remain in place (unless Brad Miller (NC-13) opts to run for the Senate).  There is a possibility that NC could gain another seat after the census.  Population growth has been concentrated in the Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham metro areas, so those districts will need to lose population to surrounding ones.  

    The GOP strategy for impacting redistricting has been to judge-shop for a GOP-friendly judge and file a lawsuit after redistricting is completed. This resulted in 3 rounds of redistricting in the 1990s and 2 in the 2000s.

    Their basis for the lawsuits has been either that not enough minority districts were created, or too many counties were split.

    They have mananged to use friendly judges and the US Justice Dept to overturn Democratic plans and pack more minorities into districts. Since those minorities also tend to vote for Democrats, this makes the surrounding districts whiter and more GOP-friendly.  

    The result is shown vividly by the map of NC-12, a narrow district that follows I-85 from Charlotte to Greensboro, picking up minority precincts all over and making NC-5 safer for Virginia Foxx and NC-10 for Patrick McHenry.  NC-12 once stretched from Charlotte to Durham in the 1990s - Mel Watt was one of 3 Congressmen (3 districts) I had in the 1990s even though I never moved.

    Hopefully, the Obama Justice Department will not assist them in packing Democratic voters into a few highly concentated districts.  Obama has personally proven that a minority candidate can win areas where the majority of voters are white - even in the South.

  • due to vacancies between now and then, including:

    Alaska - unless Begich pulls it out on the absentee count, Stevens seat will be up for a special election in 2010.  No way will he still be there.

    Obama's potential raid on the Senate for cabinet officials could open up a variety of seats.

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    http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/P PP_Release_NC_100625.pdf

    New PPP Poll has Obama leading by 6 in North Carolina, 50-44

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    This information explains 2 things:

    1. This is what happend when Mr 895 out of a class of 899 becomes a naval aviator.

    2. This explains Sen McCain's disdain for Spain...

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    NC has competitive races for US Senate (potential takeover), Governor (potential loss), and US House (NC-8).  Obama's efforts will have a tremendous effect down the ballot. Credit the groundwork Obama has done in NC on voter registration for making it as close as it is.

  • Does the bill include a cap on interest rates? As someone who has seen rates rise as high as 32% from an original 18%, a cap on rates is critically needed.

  • My thoughts exactly, Lance.  Obama's efforts are a huge boost to Kay Hagan's chances, as well as all the other down-ballot Democrats in NC.

    There are Democratic candidates in every Congressional race. Larry Kissell is competitive in NC-8, and Daniel Johnson has a chance in NC-10. Obama's registration efforts help them both.

    NC has statewide races for Governor, Lt Gov, Atty Gen, Sec of State, 6 other statewide positions in the Executive branch, and multiple seats on the NC Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

    Obama's chances of winning NC are pretty much 50-50 right now. Win or lose in NC, Obama is helping every Democrat on the ticket.

  • She's not nearly as smart or qualified as Cheney.  Which makes her radical views even scarier.


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