James Galbraith & John Conyers Agree on Need to Counter Peterson's Deficit Terrorism Summit

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As I'm sure you've heard, on April 28, 2010, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation is sponsoring a "Fiscal Summit" in Washington, DC. The purpose of the Conference, which is scheduled for the day after the first meeting of the President's recently constituted National Commission of Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and which includes many notables like Robert Rubin and Alan Greenspan, is:

”. . . to further a national dialogue on solving America's fiscal challenges through several moderated discussions with leaders on the issue from across the political spectrum. . . ."

It is absolutely critical that a counter-narrative be offered to the neoliberals who will appear at this conference, many of whom helped lead us into our current mess.  To that extent, many of us have been working on organizing a Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In Counter-Conference to be held at The George Washington University on the same day as Pete Peterson's summit.  

James K. Galbraith had this to say about the Counter-Conference:

The Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In Counter-conference will be the important event in Washington on April 28. Unlike the other meeting, this one will feature important work by honest scholars. It deserves at least equal attention, and very much more respect.

Rep. John Conyers agrees:

I am aware of the “The Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In Counter-Conference.” It is also my understanding that several organizations have joined together to hold a “Virtual Summit on Fiscal and Economic Responsibility.” This is exactly the type of constructive dialogue we need to broaden the debate about how to address our debt issues.

My friend selise has more information on the Counter-Conference, which is open and free to the public, including how you can help in this important effort.


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Thanks for front-paging this, Jerome

I hope anyone who is going to be in DC on the 28th will come by.  It should be a good event.  And any support people can give would be much appreciated.  Peterson has billions.  We've just got us.

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