Cass Sunstein's OpEd: "The Obama I Know"

Cass Sunstein, a University of Chicago law professor, wrote an OpEd in yesterday's Chicago Tribune entitled The Obama I Know. Sunstein provides some insight into Obama's thought processes which is quite interesting and revealing.

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What You Like about the Other Candidate: Open Thread

Almost half of partisan Democrats will, by definition, be at least slightly disappointed with the Party's ultimate choice of presidential nominee. Whichever candidate wins, there will be some healing required. I hope it's not too much: the stakes are incredibly high this election, and we must defeat John McCain. We all learned, starting only 8 years ago, the huge differences between the Democrat and the Republican, including thousands of lives lost unnecessarily.

So let's spend some time thinking about the positives in the other candidate. What do you like about the other candidate? What policy positions do you like? What personal characteristics do you find compelling?

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