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    American culture/public as a whole is sexist. Therefore, that sexism is and will be evident in both political parties. Yes, as Democrats we should and need to push our party to be better. However, those here who think that their salvation rests in the Republican party are woefully ignorant.

    By the way, everything I wrote holds the same for racism.

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    There is no doubt McCain picked Palin in part because she is female. Both McCain & Palin have made this clear and pointing this out is NOT sexist. However, if McCain's only intent in picking his VP candidate was his gender, he passed over much more qualified women in the GOP: KBH, Whitman, Snowe, Dole. The question is why and what does this tell us about his campaign?

    I think he ultimately went with Palin because (1) she is a woman, (2) she has the conservative Christian wing of the party going batshit crazy about her -- this pick is also for them, (3) by picking a relatively unknown outside Washington he has driven the media narrative crazy, and (4) its not about actual qualifications but about story -- think GWB, the everyman Cowboy not matter how false it was -- Palin is a gun-toting, moose eating, hocky mom, everywoman.

    On top of this they know HRC supporters went nuts over real and/or perceived sexism against Hillary and believe they can use this to their advantage. Interestingly enough, Palin basically accused Hillary of misusing the sexism charge, a strategy that the GOP is now happy to embrace.

    Unfortunately, some of the attacks against Palin come off as quite sexist and this really doesn't help. At the same time I agree with those that argue that McCain's pick of Palin is a display of sexism in of itself and his choice does insult me as a woman.

    The best way to attack this is to attack McCain and his judgment and decision making processes. Do we really want this man leading this country? What does this first major decision tell us about that choice? Forget she is a woman -- do think Dan Quayle -- he picked an unqualified person for political gain not because it was the best choice for this country.

  • I think it took me about a week but I donated to Hillary also. Nothing will ever be good enough for these folks.

  • She won't fix it. It's her passive-aggressive way of showing contempt. Best to just ignore her.

  • God knows why I'm going to open this old can of worms but Hillary did you race against Obama and McCain will too. After all, they are using the Clinton playbook to a tee.

  • You realize linfar that you've become like those right-wing nuts that believe the Clintons killed Vince Foster. You're even getting your information from the same sources. How sad.

  • My 76 year old father also agrees that McCain is too old to be president.

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    and so do many others, even some who were Senator Clinton supporters.

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    not only those who actively oppose Obama but now actively support McCain... that's what gets me. These <u>few</u> HRC supporters who think McCain better represents the policies of HRC than Obama.

    Hey, go ahead, be angry and bitter. Lick your wounds. Even go ahead and show the DNC your anger by not voting for the Dem candidate. But to vote for McCain? Jeez, why not start a write-in campaign for Senator Clinton. In fact, it would better show your numbers and your effect come election day than voting for McCain. If that is your intent... If it isn't just pure childish temper tantrums.

    Gee, sricki, I have also gotten nasty when dealing with this small crowd and I don't like it one bit.

    Your diary was spot on. Thanks.

  • and I'm surrounded by people who voted for Clinton in the primaries.

  • as if they are synonymous? In fact one of the points she makes in this diary is to not conflate the opinions of supporters with the candidate

  • Recced.

  • to yourself that John McCain will be better for women than Obama. Your support for McCain is clear. You have the right to post here but I don't think you belong here. What I want to know is what a post by an anti-Obama McCain voter is doing on the top of the rec list?

    Go back to Alegre's Corner where you all think that your protest matters. Like I said, I have more important matters to worry about.

  • the economy is tanking, people are losing their jobs, people are dying while waiting for medical care in emergency rooms, our government is busy bailing out bad business decisions by companies but won't help individuals with mortgages because they made "bad decisions."

    we have a candidate who has voted against equal pay, a president who would rather see AIDS infect women than support condom distribution and education in Africa and Asia...

    we have a current government that is fundamentally corrupt in every way possible and the number 1 diary on the frakkin recommend list is some sore Hillary supporter yakking on about some distasteful comedy routine.

    Catfish2, take your crap elsewhere. I just don't give a damn and I have a Democratic president I need to get elected so that our next president isn't the idiot McCain freaking out in front of the cameras for 19 seconds when he is asked about Viagra and birth control.

  • Yeah, American's respected Bush Sr. so much they reelected him for a second term. What? You mean they didn't? Oh yeah, go ahead let Bush Sr. get involved.

    Today, McCain couldn't even answer a specific question on how his military service qualifies him to be president by an ABC reporter.


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