Just How Confused IS John McCain?

McCain is not only confused about how many homes he owns, he is also confused about foreign affairs --Supposedly his Strong Point!  

John McCain, "a Republican presidential candidate who, despite the hype, doesn't seem to know much about foreign affairs. McCain recently talked at length about problems on the "Iraq/Pakistan border" - the countries are a thousand miles apart. Asked how to deal with Darfur, he mused about "bringing pressure on the government of Somalia". Uh - it's Sudan, Senator McCain. And he keeps expressing his desire to build up US relations with Czechoslovakia, a country that hasn't existed for 15 years. " Unfortunately, we are not getting this pertinent information about a candidate for the Presidency, the highest office in the land, from our Republican-owned media, which is a derelict of their duty.

http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/com mentators/johann-hari/johann-hari-john-m ccain-and-his-secretive-plot-to-kill-the -un-903998.html

And, also "If someone can't keep track of their personal finances -- for example, can't even say how many homes they own -- should they really be in charge of our whole nation's finances?" (Gordon Fischer)

However, this is more than McCain just being out of touch.  This is about competency, because McCain has made many misstatements and gaffes which are not reported by the media, which would show and also highlight just not McCain's Confusion but also his Age!

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