GOP Unpatriotic in Accusing Pres. Obama of Being Unclear and Confused!

It is very Unpatriotic that every morning Morning Joe opens up with how Team Obama is so Confused and so muddled, when in fact he has been very clear about getting America back on track in the many avenues which have been neglected for all of these years. This assumption is false when in fact Team Obama has been clear that they are doing Stress Tests on the banks to figure out how to proceed.  Why that cannot be allowed to take place by some in the media, well we know the answer to that, Politics.  And, actually is Unpatriotic to the American people to continue to falsely accuse Team Obama for actions that are not real and to pretend things are so confused when they have never been so clear.  Daily they come out with their plans for the American people, plans which have long been ignored.  And, please media, stop saying Main Street is confused, we are not.  They are instituting policies for us now. When GOP brings up the era of "easy money" is over, we could ask, easy money for whom and to whom?  Not us, not Main Street...

As of yesterday, robocalls are going out to ask people to sign up to restructure thier mortgages (that is not confusion but action on behalf of the American people.)  It is too bad that when Republicans had their chance they did nothing for the people but use the word No, No, No, so it is no wonder they think Team Obama are doing to many things at once, being the party of no action that they were.

Let this Team have their chance to bring in real change.  The American people are not confused!  Please stop being so falsely and deceptively unpatriotic, because we know as Rush stated so blatantly, they want Pres. Obama to fail, which means the American people also fail.

With the economy in freefall, Americans have a chance to reshape society for a more equitable distribution of wealth.... n/10herbert.html?ref=opinion

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Re: GOP Unpatriotic

Maybe Obama should call in and clarify - lol - like he did with the New York Times.

As for the banks, the situation is a mess and getting worse.  Team Obama new the second week of November '09 that this was the most important problem they were going to face and that bold action would be needed.    So far there has been no action and the markets are left dangling, not even knowing what a plan MIGHT look like.

This is real world.  The campaign is over.  Open your eyes.  

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