Help us KNOCK OUT Republicans in Arizona!

UPDATE! October 27, 2010: We have already raised $15,760 thanks to your hard work and support! Keep us going strong towards our huge $25,000 grassroots goal!

On October 23, just ten days before the November 2 election, the Arizona Democratic Party launched a new online effort and issued a challenge to our grassroots supporters—“10 in 10 for 2010.” We challenged our friends and allies to donate $10 or more and recruit 10 friends to do the same so that we can KNOCK OUT the Republicans in 2010!

We’ve set a huge goal of raising $25,000 online from our grassroots supporters in the last few days before the election. It’s our most ambitious online fundraising push yet—and we can’t do it without you. Our Republican opposition will be watching closely to see if we can make it.

This $25,000 in the final few days of the election will make a crucial difference in our Get-Out-the-Vote campaign so that we can expand the electorate, reach out to voters, and combat the Republican attack machine.

Supported by million dollar checks from their anonymous corporate donors--and parroting RNC talking points on immigration, Obama and Nancy Pelosi--the likes of Joe “Pink Underwear” Arpaio, “Repeal the 14th Amendment” Russell Pearce, and debate-dodging Jan Brewer are counting on deceiving, confusing or scaring Arizona votes into staying home on Nov. 2.

We cannot let that happen.

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Arizona 'be heading' in wrong direction under Brewer

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's fact-twisting and fear-mongering continued this week as she repeated her unfounded claims about beheadings and violence in Arizona. Why call for a boycott when Brewer does such a great job of scaring people away all by herself? Her reckless comments are hurting Arizona’s tourism industry and economy. The Washington Post's Dana Milbank writes:

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Is Brewer replacing Palin as Fox News darling?

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer seems to be replacing Sarah Palin as Fox News’ right-wing darling du jour. Brewer was just interviewed -- again -- for Fox News, making this at least the 5th time Fox has pitched softball questions at Brewer since she signed SB1070.

Maybe it was inevitable. After all, Brewer and Palin have a lot in common, and not just the faux border security website they launched together in May that features singing sock puppets. Brewer and Palin also share a knack for extreme rhetoric. And a gift for ignoring the facts.

Case in point: On June 16, Brewer told interviewer Greta Van Susteren that SB1070 is “another tool for us to be able to use in order to get our borders under control.” (Fact check: In April, Brewer admitted on TV that SB1070 “has nothing to do with securing the border.” See for yourself.)

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You think YOU'RE outraged? [VIDEO]

Jan Brewer and other out-of-touch officials continue to make Arizona famous for all the wrong reasons. Our accidental governor recently signed into law a ban on ethnic studies and a ban on human-animal hybrids. And just last week, a Prescott city councilman publicly called for artists to "lighten the skin" on images of children in a school mural.

Join the 5,000 Arizonans who have signed the Arizona Fights Back petition. Help us stop Gov. Brewer and extremist Republicans in Arizona and elect more Democrats this November.

Check out our new video to see how Arizonans really feel about what's happening in our state:

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Brewer joins list of politicians embellishing war records

This week, Gov. Jan Brewer was at the center of yet another firestorm, this one ignited by a story in the Arizona Guardian, which pointed out Brewer had inaccurately claimed her father “died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany.” National media and blogs had plenty to say about Brewer’s comments. In their words:

The Huffington Post reported:

Gov. Jan Brewer is the latest political figure to come under fire for making conflicting statements about military service. In this case Brewer appears to have misstated her father's military record.

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In Arizona, Goddard takes action while Brewer makes sock-puppet videos

In the past week, two distinct messages were delivered to Arizonans.

One came from Gov. Jan Brewer in the form of a singing sock-puppet on YouTube.

The other came from Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, who announced that President Obama will deploy 1,200 National Guard troops along the U.S.-Mexico border and ask Congress for $500 million in funding for border security.

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Brewer going rogue in Arizona? You betcha

Instead of bringing us real leadership on Arizona’s border-security problems, Gov. Jan Brewer brought us Sarah Palin, a leader on … um… seeing Russia’s border from Alaska.

Crime and violence along Arizona’s border and in our neighborhoods are real. But Brewer has already admitted that SB1070 “has nothing to do with securing the border.”  And her stunt last Saturday with Palin was just as phony. They co-starred in a dog-and-pony show where they talked tough but said nothing -- and unveiled a website to nowhere.

By enlisting Palin, Brewer proved she is focused more on her political future than on Arizona’s real immigration-related problems – drug and weapons traffickers, human smuggling and kidnapping in our neighborhoods. These are the very problems Arizona’s attorney general and Democrats in the state Legislature are working hard to combat. But Arizona will continue to suffer as its governor rolls out publicity stunts designed to help her win the GOP primary.

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Boycott Brewer, Not Arizona

Thanks to SB1070, the rest of the nation recently learned what Arizona Democrats have long known: Extremist Republicans control our state government. But now there is momentum in Arizona and a unique chance to take back our state. The Arizona Democratic Party has launched a nationwide campaign - Arizona Fights Back ( to send a strong message:  Don't boycott Arizona. Instead, help us change Arizona by electing Democrats.

We must stop Jan Brewer and the far-right Republicans who have taken over the state Legislature. With more funding, resources and field operations, the Arizona Democratic Party can help more Democrats get elected and restore balance to Arizona's government. Democrats will never let divisive, extremist measures like SB1070 see the light of day!

To learn more about the Arizona Fights Back campaign, why the state Democratic Party is firmly against a boycott of Arizona, and how we hope to mobilize voters between now and November, please visit


Boycott? No, Lets Win In Arizona!

My name is Luis Heredia, I've been the Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Party since June 2009. Previously, I worked for Congressman Raúl Grijalva and performed field work for state and local races during the 2000-2008 election cycles.  I am a native Arizonan from a first-generation American family from Mexico.

Lately a lot of people have been asking me, has Arizona gone nuts?

The Arizona Republican Party is in a circular firing squad. More than in perhaps any other state, the Republicans here are in a civil war to determine if social conservatives can take control.  This internal fight coupled with the new immigration law creates a unique opportunity for Democrats this election. This is a state where the netroots could well spell the difference and in fact, there is a solid chance of knocking off Republican icon John McCain, but we need your help.

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