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    ...that something else happened last March - Air America Radio went on the air and Kos soon became a regular weekly guest on Janeane's & Sam's show.

    I've noticed myself that since Bill Scher and Atrios have been regular Majority Report guests, there was a smaller but similar spike in my (much less impressive) hit-rate from March, and I always seem to get extra click-through from their sites after they've been on the air.

    Not to detract from your point, but just sayin'....

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    Isn't it amazing?  Every single indicator is consistent with him having lost the election, except for the fact that he appears to have won.  Really makes ya think, eh?
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    The reason this has never been a preferred option is that it's too vulnerable to outside manipulation by, say, your employer.

    Five years ago I might have been less nervous about this sort of thing, but we've already seen people be fired for having a Kerry bumper sticker, we know some employers pressure employees to donate to the candidate of the employer's choice.  Just how far-fetched is it, really, to think certain employers might insist on actually seeing your ballot before you send it in?

    I'm not sure what to do about this problem, but I do worry about the integrity of our vote being destroyed by this supposed plan to make voting more accessible for more people.  I'm virtually certain that if it comes to be taken for granted that people will be filling out their own ballots at the lieisure in unmonitored environments, employers who are on-sides with the royalists will begin to incorporate vote-fixing into their regular office routines.

    And after the last four years, I think you'd have to be an idiot to find that prediction paranoid.

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    Republicans are very good at looking better than Democrats on these issues, but in my experience they are actually much worse. Let's not forget how things really went with the CDA, for example.

    Focus on the Democrats, I say; educate them and stress how important this issue is to young people and a growing number of older people who find these encroachments on our privacy and our rights offensive.

    Forget the Republicans, who do not really object to laws that take rights away from private individuals and have in fact pushed for just such laws as long as I can remember.

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    Er, just because a bunch of guys who've never used a real typewriter in their lives think we were using hammer & chisel back in the day doesn't make it so.  Really, we did have all that stuff way back when, and for a boatload less than $20K, too.  Aside from automatic right-justification, even my used Selectric II was capable of most of these things that supposedly couldn't be done back then - and I got that typer at a government auction in about '69 or '70.


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