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    If a good health care bill becomes law, it just may be the 1,000th cut of this "death by 1,000 cuts" that they've been suffering since 2005 when Americans started to wake up to Bush and his many mistakes. They've worked so hard to prove that government doesn't work (since it never works when they defund it and privatize it while in power), so a functioning health care system would mean that their corporatized version of government really was never the answer.

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    PPP is ONE poll, dammit! And yes, they were pretty accurate in some races... But off in others. And this year, I think they're overstating the pro-teabagger/anti-Obama sentiment in far too many places. Obama WON NY-23 last year, so I doubt his favorability numbers there are as low as PPP suggests.

    Oh, and I'm calling Maine voters right now. I hope more of you join me tonight and tomorrow night. I'm also getting updates from there, and from what I'm hearing Maine is FAR from a lost cause. So here's what I think:

    Maine- No on 1 wins 52/48 and TABOR loses 48/52.

    NY-23- WTF??!! I won't even try here.

    New Jersey- Corzine wins 45/42 with Daggett getting about 8%.

    Virginia- Deeds loses 42/56 (just an all-around lousy campaign turning off the Dem base).

    Washington- R-71 wins 56/44 and I-1033 loses 48/52.

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    What are you doing to protect Maine equality?
  • Please? Thank you. :-)

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    Tips for equality, please? Thank you.

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    Tips for Maine equality?

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    Tips for equality?

  • Just like the California campaign over and over and over again. With Frank Schubert, Jeff Flint, and NOM running the show (again), it's guaranteed that the campaign will continue to get even uglier in Maine. They've already thrown out the usual church and school lies, and it's only a matter of time before the ugliest of the ugly, violent attacks against LGBT families, gets provoked by all this negative messaging just like it was in California with Prop H8.

  • Distract from the facts by repeating nonsense lies constantly. We can't deal with the birthers/deathers/teabaggers/tenthers/al l-around radical right crazies, but we can simply point out the facts to the "movable middle" then shift focus back onto the families who are affected by R-71. Watch that R-71 video on the families again, then forward it and the "GOTV video" to everyone you know to remind them why they must vote (starting on October 16 when ballots are dropped) to APPROVE R-71.

  • I spoke with Josh Friedes, the campaign manager of Approve Referendum 71, last night, and he stressed that the campaign is all about turnout. If the progressive base in Greater Seattle doesn't turn out, we're doomed. If they do, we win. It's as simple as that.

    And yes, we must urge everyone in Washington to vote APPROVE on R-71. We didn't want it on the ballot, but now that it is we must get it APPROVED to preserve the new DP law.

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    Why has the church turned away from its own heritage? Why is church leadership so interested in taking away people's fundamental rights? Thanks for posting this, CB, and I hope this upcoming films inpsires more progressive Mormons to take their church back.

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    Please, we can't take any more of this discrimination. Please do whatever you can to help Washington and Maine families protect their civil rights. Thanks.

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    Thanks for letting us know, WSB. I'm glad some Senators are finally finding their spines. On Wednesday, Harry Reid said that he wouldn't allow the Baucus bill to move forward as is. He also doesn't like the proposed Medicaid formula (which would REALLY screw Nevada), and he's been using stronger language lately on the public option (even if he still sounds confusing at times).

    If even centrist Senators like Rockefeller, Cantwell, and Reid think the Baucus bill has gone too far in pleasing the HMOs and the GOP, then there's still hope for a better bill.

  • The Ron Paul types have been pretty consistent in opposing things like The PATRIOT Act and domestic spying. Ironically, that's why the folks at National Review don't consider them "true conservatives". Huh? I thought "conservatism" used to be all about personal freedom and civil liberties?

    Still, I agree with you about the birthers/deathers/teabaggers/tenthers being complete hypocrites. Now they cry about "The Constitution", but all I see from them and their Dear Leader Glenn Beck are crocodile tears. Where were they when Bush raped The Constitution and stripped away our civil liberties? Oh yes, THEY WERE CELEBRATING IT in the name of "fightin' the ter'rists"!

  • I knew that from the start of this. I learned my lesson the hard way in California, so I won't take victory in Maine or Washington for granted. That's why we need to work as hard as we can in both states this fall. I don't want anyone else to experience the pain and downright shame of being declared sub-human in a popular vote. No more Prop H8s!


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