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    I know that what I am about to day does not fit in with the Kumbaya moment we're supposed to be having in the wake of this tragedy.  In fact, I am proud of President Obama that he is trying to create this atmosphere in the country.  However, having said that, it is my belief that we are never going to get the Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Party to ever sing Kumbaya with us.  They don't care about Kumbaya, or "just getting along."  All they care about is winning.

    I agree with this article by theyoungturks.  There is no moral equivalency in this issue. And, as a Progressive Democrat, there is no way I am going to pretend there is.  The Republican Party does not control the Senate or the White House now and that ticks the hell out of them.  That is it in a nutshell.  And they will do anything to get back into power.  Because they are firm believers in the new age Golden Rule: "He who has the gold, makes the rules." Notice that when they do not control the government, they are for small government, cutting waste and support anti-government movements.  However when they are in power, the government is an almost "imperial" instrument for that power, racking up astronomical debt for personal profit, and anyone who disagrees should be taken out to the courtyard and given a cigarette and a blindfold.

    So let's call this what it really is on their part: temper tantruming, mendacious sore-loserism. And, if we will finally believe that obstruction is all that we'll ever get out of them when we are in power, than maybe it's time we ignore them and pursue, promote and pass the agenda that we campaigned on, and that the people voted us in for.  After all, if I am right and they are going to be angry whatever we do, well then, let's give them something to be mad about.

  • Great response!  Maybe if enough of us turn the lights on on these people, the fear will go away.

    Chris Bogart

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    I am one of the first boomers, born six days after boomerdom began on Jan. 1, 1946 and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said.  We were a generation of change, looking for an end to hypocricy, a better way, a new beginning.  I began this primary season as a Biden supporter,and now am wholeheartedly supporting Obama.  What his becoming president to me represents is the fulfillment of the idealism of the 1960's, the civil rights movement as well as the hope for our future which will mostly be yours.  May both our prayers be answered in this election.

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    I think that thanking Howard Dean is a great idea.  I also think that replacing him with Harold Ford is a dumb idea.  They say only wild animals eat their young. At the moment that we are victorious, let's not descend to the depths of wild animals.  Let's give Howard Dean a vote of thanks.  It was a great strategy.  And let's leave him where he is, as Democratic Party Chairman.

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    Maybe the Republican owned station sees Olberman as an escape valve.  Or maybe they don't understand what he's saying.  Either way, I hope he keeps it up.

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    Quite right.  And if we really want to win this November, we have to use the weapons that they do, as distasteful as that might be to us.  We have to decide which of the alternatives is more distasteful.  As for me, I want to win.

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    Must have been the Republicans.

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    This is what happens when you elect rank amateurs to play "Animal House" with the world's strongest nation.

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    A very valid point.  But I don't consider challenging their diversions with facts.  Lord knows they have been using the phrase "cut and run", and "tax and spend" ad nauseum.  But you are right.  The Democrats need a unified message, and I believe that they have one.  It is what we all believe, and have believed that has made us Democrats.  Now what the party needs is someone to articulate it ad nauseum.


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