Who Really Kills People?

Today, Sarah Palin released a seven minute video explaining how the violent bloody assault at a political rally in Arizona last weekend that left six dead and fourteen wounded was the fault of one deranged young man, and not those who use violent rhetoric to explain their political goals.  She referred to those that blamed this tragedy on devices such as a map of congressional districts with gun crosshairs to indicate the targets of conservative ire (posted on her own website) and the use of suggestions of "hits," and "second amendment remedies" as promoting a "blood libel" on the Conservative Movement.  Thank you, Ms. Malaprop!  I guess there just wasn't room on your hands for notes on the use (and misuse) of that expression.  (A blood libel refers to the medieval Christian accusation that Jews used the blood of Christian children in the baking of their bread.)  What's the matter, Ms. Malaprop, no reference books in Wasilla?

But we are used to the gaffs and mind gas of the ex-governor of Alaska.  But her accusation of this violence as the act of a "deranged apparently apolitical criminal" is not naivety but mendacity. There were all kinds of evidence found in Jared Loughner's home that spelled out what he intended to do, and why he intended to do it.  And, like the person who hires the hit man to kill by way of monetary incentive, or the people who encourage a troubled person to commit any violent act for their own political purposes, there are consequences to own.  Not to own those consequences is to perpetrate a lie.  It is also cowardice. And, like Lady Macbeth found out, not all the "multitudinous seas incarnadine" will wash away the guilt.  Nor all the malapropisms.



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