Here's An Idea ... Let Them Represent Us!

 There have been a number of responses to the tragedy in Arizona almost two weeks ago.  Some ... not many, have been partisan.  And that is no surprise.  While there is a lot of talk about a kinder and more civil political atmosphere, everybody seems to be saying "You first."  As Gomer Pyle used to say, "Surprise!  Surprise! Surprise!" However, in the last few days, a small few voices seem to be crying from the wilderness about a simple gesture that might, at least, give the appearance of ... wait for it ... one united country. The gesture? In a week, the President will be addressing both houses of Congress with the State of the Union Address. Here's an idea ... Why not avoid what we've been doing for, oh I don't know, forever, sitting by political party, the Republicans, oddly enough on the President's left, and the Democrats, just as oddly, on the President's right. Why not mix it up, this little voice is whispering.  Why not?

Well, it's the beginning of an idea, anyway.  I, however, have a more specific suggestion.  Why not sit them, not by party, but by state.  Yes.  That's right.  Senators and congressmen should sit in a grouping that shows the people that sent them to D.C. that they did so so that they would represent their regional interests and not their party's.  Is it really that much to ask?  After all, they are called representatives because they are supposed to represent us. I live in New Jersey.  I'd like to see my senators and congressmen sitting together on that night because I sent them there so that New Jersey would have a voice in the halls of power. Yeah, that's the way they should have to sit at all ceremonial occasions.  Instead of acting like a the partisan strophe/antistrophe of a Greek chorus the way they do now, it would be really difficult to see what each of the parties think of what the President is saying.  It would be the unity of one country.  Who knows, they might actually look patriotic.

Besides, if they sit the way I have suggested, it might be a little harder to get up the fool's courage to yell from a crowd that thinks like you, "You lie!"   

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