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    Do you all not remember that Bill Clinton was way behind in SD until the very end of the campaign?  

    Hillary will win the nomination because the people will put her there

    Obama will never be president of the USA.  He's just not up for the job.

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    Obama winning a caucus? And it's Guam? Wowsers....I'm totally impressed.

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    Obama winning a caucus! And Guam at that. Wow, this is big news.  

  • Libdemusa, yours is one of the most clear and honest statement about how thousands and thousands of us feel. Thank you.

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    Obama must drop out.

    His toxicity levels are spreading through the Democratic Party. He's already managed to split the party, undo 40 years of racial healing, create a sexist and misogynist political discourse and insult the working class heart of this country.

    Obama started out half baked and he's still not done. Although his political career might be.

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    Obama  should drop out. It would best for the party and certainly best for the country. But I fear he's being led by the nose by those who have an agenda for him.

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    It's painful to be discovered as a poser empty-suit  flip-flopper.

    If there's any truth to the fact that the majority of his funds comes from small donations through the internet, I keep thinking what a pity it is that some sincere and well-meaning people are investing money in Arizona's beach front property.

    Obama needs to drop out  now. Not only is he unelectable, but it's embarrassing to have to watch him deflate.


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    First thought is that showing the long version of his 911 sermon didn't make it sound any less anti-American. He was still blaming America using some sort of chickens coming home to roost karma connection.

    He was very pedantic, which will fly with the elitist but will make no sense to the working class-telling us that we think incorrectly, that we've been manipulated into believing things. People aren't going to cotton up to that very well.

    At first I felt annoyed at Moyers but as the interview went on, I thought he did a good job of not putting Wright on the defensive which left Wright to expose his prejudice.

    Wright is stuck in the 70s victim mentality. Shelby Steel called it in his interview with Moyers a while back.
    http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/011120 08/profile2

    He did himself no favors by defending the NOI and Louis Farrakhan.

    I don't think this interview will do much to change people's beliefs. The kool aid drinkers will swoon, the media will make sound bites to portray their bias du jour, and Obama will bamboozle and hoodwink in order to win the votes of working people. For the most part, the AA votes are gimmes anyway.

    I kept thinking of the nasty things he said about Bill and Hillary in those videos. Moyers didn't ask him to explain that.

    He's a hypocrite, just like his "nephew."

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    Well said, Coyote Creek.

    Wright is married to black victimhood which is dependent on blame. It's clearly present in Obama and his screechy wife.

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    Obama should drop out NOW. Unelectable, idiotic and divisive.

    He really is corrupt and he does give money to the Super Delegates through his PAC, Hope Fund America.

    And where does all his money come from? Not from the wee ones that write diaries like this one.

    He's in thick with the vilest of the insiders. He's a machine made pol, pressed from the Chicago cookie cutter mold.

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    Excellent piece, JKF. What a fraud Obama and his surrogates are.

    I just learned that Obama's PAC the so-called Hope Fund America, makes hefty donations to the Super Delegates. Some might call them bribes....

    Yeah, he's a really new kind of politician....He hands out kool aid before he lies.

    It's becoming very clear that he's as dirty as those Chicago pols can be.

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    Thanks for this. There seems to be a plethora of evidence coming out now from many non-partisan sources making clear that Obama will be a sure loser in the GE.

    No doubt the Super Delegates are paying very close attention to that. One only hopes none are on some dirty money payroll.

    Obama should drop out. His divisive comments, his mean- spirited and sexist media pandering and his profound lack of experience makes him a liability to the Democratic Party.

    Obama needs to drop out and grow up.

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    Excellent diary, JFK. And so true. The SDs have their own asses to cover as well. And if they vote for a loser in the GE, they will lose face (and votes). Obama cannot win the GE. That's been proven.

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    Excellent research and analysis, JFK464, although way too sophisticated for the adolescents who hang out at MYDD. At some point, the populace will know that Obama is not just part of the Chicago sleaze machine, but that he is actually worse than that. Obama has lied and faked his way to running for president by developing and exploiting anti-American alliances. When he first came on the scene, most of thought he was just too immature and unseasoned to run for president. Now we are finding out more and more that he's actually corrupt. His movement of childish worshippers will be mighty disappointed.
  • Not true. In fact, it was advertised and sold out on Barack Obama's campaign site. See for yourself http://tinyurl.com/6knopu


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