Reframing Ann Coulter's "Faggot" comment

I think it's time that Liberals admit that we are all fagots, as Ann Coulter uses the word.  She can see right through us, since knows how to identify those characteristics that separate us from real men.  

please, go along with this for a while without feeling excluded. Ill try to pull this together at the end.

John Edwards is only the most recent of our political hierarchy that she has outed.  Previously she has said, "Bill Clinton shows some level of latent homosexuality," and called Vice President Al Gore a "total fag." 

Since she has no knowledge of these men's sexuality, she must mean something else.  It is character, behavior, masculinity she is talking about.  "Faggot" is how we liberals deviate from her ideal of a real man.

A real man never backs down from a threat, he welcomes it.  The classic example is when President Bush was told of insurgents threatening our troops in Iraq. He didn't fret, or try to find a way to deter such attacks.  No, he looked these insurgents in the eye, (through the lens of a camera in the oval office in Washington,) and issued his challenge to "Bring 'em on." He was never so sissified as to visualize the mutilated bodies of American troops that would result in his bluster.  Why to do so would have caused visions that were, well, almost homoerotic, something that he rejects so completely that it would never even enter his mind.

Bush is the polar opposite of a fag in everything he does.  His very walk is a determined strut that warns anyone that he is not to be messed with.  He's not  prone to anxiety, or worrying about whether he is doing the right thing.  He a real man, who recognizes the same quality in other such men.  After the invasion of Iraq, when we found ourselves in the un-masculine activity of "nation building," he had to get rid of Jay Garner, who, although an ex General, really wasn't tough enough for the job.

L. Paul Bremer describes in his book the interview with the President to head the Coalition Provisional Authority.  After a few minutes, (real men don't dawdle)  he told the President that he will only take the assignment under one condition.  He would require absolute authority over every law that is imposed, every police action, every step of forming a new country out of chaos.   He was sitting across from the elected leader who destroyed the existing regime of that country, demanding that he would hand him complete control of that country.

It was that classic moment of one real man recognizing another.  No fags in that room; no wusses whose life experiences left them with doubt, and perhaps a need for the help of others to perform such an awesome task.   George Bush did not throw Bremer out of his office when he demanded that he would not interfere with his decisions, rather,  he extended his hand and said, "You got the job." And Bush was true to his word, never second guessing his alter ego.  That's what real men do.

And Bremer, (note he has never been accused of latent homosexuality by Ann Coulter) never had a doubt that every decision he made was absolutely correct.  He never looked back-- until he finished his assignment with a country in ruin, saying "I'm outa here," like the real man he is.
Yep, Ann Coulter sees the world divided between real men and fags.  (And women, not a subject of this essay, are either real women,  meaning provocative, maternal, subordinate and traditional; or they are behaving like "real men" which in her mind makes them latent lesbians)

Ann Coulter's depicting a Democratic candidate as a Faggot should not be met with a demand for an apology.  When you understand her frame of reference, who she admires, what group supports and laughs with her, we should savor such words.  While showing solidarity with gays who feel the sting of this hateful epithet,  and denying that it denotes anything worthy of such hate, we should know that her use of this word has nothing to do with sexuality.  She was not insulting Gays, and she was not insulting Democrats; rather she was betraying the deepest truth about the group that she represents.

One does not apologize for expressing who they are. In point of fact, such an apology would be meaningless. Those assembled at that convention, who chose her to speak, then applauded and laughed at her words, have endorsed her world view.   This should become the keynote of the 2008 election campaign, and even more.  It is a defining moment in what should mark the beginning of the end stage of a unique American aberration, a perversion of the ideology of Barry Goldwater, Milton Friedman and other responsible conservatives who would gag at what their reasoned economic principles have been turned into.  

We have Ann Coulter to thank for making this so clear.

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Totally unfair.
Ann does understand men's sexuality. She quit being a man because of her great admiration for it.

Just a joke Ann. Get over it.
by Rooktoven 2007-03-05 06:19AM | 0 recs
Anyone who can call Bill Clinton that name

With a straight face...

I think one thing said about Clinton.. he is definately not a homosexual.

(I understand your point- just making a funny).

by jgkojak 2007-03-05 06:54AM | 0 recs
Re: Reframing...

I understand that it would be a awful mistake to brand all Republicans as pedophiles.

Pedophiles, as a whole, are probably better with money.

Just a joke.

by justathought 2007-03-05 01:55PM | 0 recs


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